Breaking Dawn Part 2 Info from Team Jack

Once again, Jack Morrissey has come through with answering fan’s questions at his Team Jack twitter account.  Here are some of the ones that really stood out.


Q: By the teaser, I can say that there will be A LOT of the Volturi, am I right? I LOVE THEM [Aro and Jane, specially]

Jack: Yep, a whole field full of ’em. “They even brought the wives.”;-D P.S. SO MUCH Aro and Jane for you to look forward to.


Q: Does Nessie get a Cullen Crest Necklace?

Jack: Not quite – she wears another accessory of significance.


Q:  Will we see more of baby Nessie w/ Edward and Bella or will it be everything with Mackenzie?

Jack: Both, and also other growth between. Half-human/half-vampire kids – they grow up so fast!!!!


Q:  Is this the last trailer we will see?

Jack: Nope – still have a final trailer and all those talk show clips and TV spots to freeze-frame in the fall! — J.


Q:  Is there a Bella’s birthday mention in BD2?

Jack: Yes.


Q:  Was a Zafrina-Renesmee scene shot? I mean, when Zafrina shows Nessie her powers. 🙂 PS The trailer is epic! I love it so much!!

Jack: Thank you for saying so! A variation on that scene was shot, yes.


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  1. Awesome I’m so excited to hear all this new information about the film. I can’t help myself, I will totally spoil this movie for myself.

  2. Are we allowed to ask any questions by commenting here? I really want to know about Bella and her wearing Aro’s wedding present during the fight scene. In the story, I remember Bella deciding to wear the big necklace Aro gave her, but in the teaser trailer, Bella wasn’t wearing it.

    • You should ask at the Team Jack facebook or twitter. I know that Jack does read our website and has graciously linked to us a few times, but I don’t think he reads all the comments. If he does – HI JACK! You can find the links to his facebook and twitter on the Team Jack website.

  3. Disappointed to learn that Edward goes to Alaska to ask for Denali coven’s help. Hope they came up with a good explanation as to why that happens, since so different from the book. Does he take Bella and Nessie along or leave them at home to try to explain to any others that might show up before he gets back? Jack’s comment about the battle looks pretty real to him is also bothersome. I’ll allow for some differences from the book, but actually fighting at end is not one of them.

    • Yeah, I agree to that. I saw them running towards each other in the trailer. That didn’t happen in the book. They tried to do things peacefully.

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