LiL C is on Team Edward

LiL C, who many know as one of the judges from So You Think You Can Dance, has now professed his Twilight Team. Last night LiL C tweeted:

My #twilight allegiance liez w/???????

Drumroll pleaze!!!!!


LiL C is not the only So You Think You Can Dance Twilight fan. Last year Mary Murphy walked the New Moon Red Carpet and we got her to put New Moon on the Hot Tamale train.

There have also been several dancers Mollie, Jeanine, Randi who have been Twilight fans. In fact Jeanine, the season 5 winner tweeted, ” After Eclipse I’ve derived a new plan to find my dream man… Making arrangements to convert my living room to a field of purple flowers.”

In the past there have been Twilight inspired dances, and given that Summit Entertainment is the studio behind Step Up 3D (did you catch that preview when you went to Eclipse) maybe there is more to come.

New Moon: One Hot Tamale

The entire admin team are HUGE SYTYCD fans. In fact most Twilight fans seem to be SYTYCD fans. Well, imagine how much we enjoyed seeing Cat Deeley, Adam Shankman, and Mary Murphy on the red carpet. We tried to get Cat and Jack Huston (who Cat is seeing) to stop by, but they spent time signing with the fans across from us instead. Anyway, here’s what Mary Murphy thinks of New Moon.

Jeanine Mason, SYTYCD Winner, a Twilight Fan!

Last night Jeanine Mason won So You Think You Can Dance, and she got to co-host a morning program where Ashley Greene was interviewed. Jeanine is the second person in the top twenty dancers to declare her Twilight love. Fellow contestant Randi professed her Twilight love on her Facebook page. On a side not the entire admin team LOVES So You Think You Can Dance. We wonder, can they do a tribute to Twilight dance on their upcoming tour! Seriously, Jeanine would make a great Bella. Kayla would rock as Rosalie. Any other thoughts?

So You Think You Can Dance Twilight Style

Last Night on So You Think You Can Dance one of the dances was inspired by Twilight, True Blood, the whole current vampire genre. The entire Lex admin team are HUGE fans (Let’s hear it for EVAN and RANDI the one team the admins agree on.), and judging by the massive amounts of emails and Tweets we got so are all of you. Check it out.