So You Think You Can Dance Twilight Style

Last Night on So You Think You Can Dance one of the dances was inspired by Twilight, True Blood, the whole current vampire genre. The entire Lex admin team are HUGE fans (Let’s hear it for EVAN and RANDI the one team the admins agree on.), and judging by the massive amounts of emails and Tweets we got so are all of you. Check it out.


  1. sheleah says:

    I am a hugh fan of SYTYCD i was tweeting and singing along to this song when i heard it. it seems vampire genre is getting into everything i love it

    • Elizabeth says:

      I love SYTYCD! And the minute I heard the song I shouted to my friends “OMG it’s a twilight song”
      Not to mention it was done by my favorite couple (yay for team Kupono!)
      On another note I thought it was a great dance but other than the song I found no connection to vampires or twilight in the choreography. *shrug*

      • I agree with you. The routine was awesome and the did a fantastic job performing it, but other than the song I didn’t see the “vampire connection” they seemed to be raving about. Also, it didn’t seem as “dark” to me as the choreographer seemed to think it was.

  2. Ishiguro Twitter says:

    OMG Eyes on fire :D, LOVED IT! I hope they win. Twilight pwns everything mostly lol. That was a cool dance, and i was singing along to it lol.

  3. OMG! Okay, so here’s a really dumb question..During what part of the movie was this song?? I believe tha beginning was when Edward was entering the cafeteria?? I’m stuck on the rest of the song!! I absolutely love the Saga, but, I’m drawing a blank!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I believe it was during Edward ditching Bella in Bio continuously and she was pondering to herself, “what the hell is his deal” *not a direct quote* lol

    • It was playing during biology class, when Edward was glaring at Bella.

      I can’t believe it! The one episode I forget to watch and they have a Twilight inspired dance! Grr!
      And I agree with Elizabeth, I found no connection in the choreography. I mean, I guess you could say in the first part he was dragging away his prey but, that’s it. If it was truly a vampiric dance, he should’ve bit her neck at least once. =D

    • nikko28brass says:

      It was playing when Bella came back to school after the first time she sat next to Edward in Bio and then he wasn’t there for a few days. She was thinking about confronting him and then saw only Emmett and the rest of the Cullen’s arrive in Emmett’s jeep (that’s when the song starts). It end just after she’s in the Cafeteria looking over at Edwars empty chair and says (monologues) “Things were getting a little, strange…”

  4. i like that song

  5. Twilitex57 says:

    it was great, but they said it was inspired by vampires, not by Twilight. and if you listened to the story line it wasn’t twilight. BUT it was great, and they did use a twilight song.

  6. Twi~dancer72 says:

    omg yeah as soon as the song came on i was like TWILIGHT!!!!! and as soon as Nigel said Twilight you saw Sonya go like “yes!”. lol LOVE TWILIGHT, LOVE SYTYCD AND LOVE THE CHOREOGRAHER SONYA!!!

  7. LoveTwilight&SYTYCD says:

    Well it was NOT Randi and Evan….it was Kayla and Kupono…..and loved that Sonya loves Twilight!!!! YEah!!!!!

  8. la_petite_femme says:

    AHHH! I can’t believe
    I missed that episode! Thank god you guys have it here. YAY for Twilight! I love that song!
    Did you guys notice how the choreographer’s eyes lit up and screamed YES! when Nigel mentioned her inspiration was Twilight??!!?? Fanpire in the house!! WOOT WOOT!

  9. I wasn’t watching the show but when the song started playing it got my attention. I loved the her reaction when the judge started talking Interview with the Vampire then said Twilight. I could tell she was a fan lol.

  10. The dance reflects the inspiration a lot. It is a lot of her pulling away but him pulling her back. It is a lot of pushing and pulling which is the battle of being a vampire or not. Also, it is inspiration to the dance not a literal translation. It is dark from the lighting, the sharpness of movements, a lot of closed movements to open, and a lot of paired movemements when they are apart. Sonya is a great choreographer. Last night was a great night. So many couples did a great job.

  11. That was way cool! We love so you think you can dance.

  12. Wow!! that was great!! gave me chills and it was awesome that he saw what was on Sonya’s mind and plan :)!!! They did an awesome job!!

  13. urcoolcarrie says:

    When I saw that last night I FLIPPED OUT! It was so exciting!
    And YES! Go Randi and Evan! ๐Ÿ˜€ Although I will say that Kayla really impressed me with this one. My hat goes off to Sonya for creating such an incredible dance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. going to be one of my favorite pieces of all time, and i’ve watched sytycd since season 2!!! when they said it was a vampire themed piece i thought “wouldn’t it be cool if it was set to a twilight song?” and then when the song started i just about jumped through the roof! if they make it to top 10 (which i have no doubt they will, even though my favs are randi and evan…) i hope they do it on tour…and nigel even mentioned twilight!!!!

  15. I thought this was really cool and I love that they used that song from the “Twilight” soundtrack.

  16. Jennifer L. says:

    i loved this. obviously there’s some parody’ish thing going on there.

  17. twihard 4eva says:

    hole. e. crap. that was friggin awesome!!! that was better than randy’s comment about adam (swoon!!) on AI!!!

  18. Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

    Okay here is a link to see what the rest of the judges had to say about the performance…

  19. Taylour says:

    Sonya only really got excited when Nigel said something about “Interview with a Vampire”.

    “Eyes on Fire” is a great song. Too bad the rest of the album was pop garbage. :/

    • twihard 4eva says:

      what the hale!!!!!? it is NOT garbage!!!! how could u say that? if ur a true twihard, then u will apreciate all twilight related things!!! what the hale!!

  20. I was sooo excited when I saw the show last night! I heart Sonya’s coreography and I jumped up with her at the mention of Twilight ๐Ÿ™‚ Super awesome routine and from my fave couple!! This is definitely going down as my favorite, right under Mia Michaels’ dance for Lacey and Kameron dancing to Elisa’s ‘Dancing’….

  21. Bella.Cullen says:

    That was awesome! I hope that they win! While I was watching it as soon as I heard that song come on I called up my friend and I said “Are you watching so you think you can dance?!?!?!” and she just yelled “yes!” =)

  22. Yay Pono, go Hawaii boy! I love that he was the one to dance this.

  23. what song is this?

  24. Lissete says:

    I’ve never really watched this, but that was pretty cool! ^_^
    Awesome dance!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. i love how like anything that has to do with vampires,people immediatley thin twilight…

  26. i love love loveee sytycd. this was by far my most favorite routine. i mean i doesn’t get much better. kayla is deffinately my favorite dancer and i LOVE sonya’s work, shes my fav choreographer. n when kupono said this routine was very “vampiresc” i flipped out. when i saw that the song was eyes on fire i almost died. this will forever b my favorite routine in sytycd history!

  27. o gosh i luv this show n bout fliped wen they played eof! wen they said it was a vampire kinda thing i thought… them dance 2 a twilight song….n i was rite! i luuuuvvvv sonya! shes always been one of my favs n thought we;d get along very well, now im sure we would haha! it soooo made my nite. as soon as i saw eof as the song i through my arms in the air n went yessss!!!! it was such an amazing routine…..def one of my favs!

  28. Awesome! But everytime she did the splits, my body automatically curled into the fetal position… hehehe… ouch.

  29. I wish they hadn’t edited the meat and potatoes out of the song, but I was stoked to see it on there anyway!

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