Jeanine Mason, SYTYCD Winner, a Twilight Fan!

Last night Jeanine Mason won So You Think You Can Dance, and she got to co-host a morning program where Ashley Greene was interviewed. Jeanine is the second person in the top twenty dancers to declare her Twilight love. Fellow contestant Randi professed her Twilight love on her Facebook page. On a side not the entire admin team LOVES So You Think You Can Dance. We wonder, can they do a tribute to Twilight dance on their upcoming tour! Seriously, Jeanine would make a great Bella. Kayla would rock as Rosalie. Any other thoughts?


  1. Kimberly says:

    Awww! That was super cool. πŸ™‚

  2. RockPaperScissors says:

    Just another reason to love Jeanine. *sigh*

  3. ohmy_feathers says:

    Kayla would be a perfect Rosalie! She is so beautiful!

  4. Jeanine is awesome!
    I wanted her to win from the very beginning.

    And somebody said “ALISON Stewart”.

  5. I knew she was a smart cookie. Kayla would def be a perfect Rosalie.

  6. That is awesome that she’s a HUGE TWILIGHT FAN ! More the merrier ! I love Ashley she’s so cute !!

  7. Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

    I think Jeanette would make a great Alice!! I also like Kayla as Rosalie and Jeanine as Bella πŸ™‚

  8. RockPaperScissors says:

    We need a side-by-side of the Bella from your banner with Jeanine…..mmmhmm.

  9. They already did a Twilight dance during the season – Kayla and Kupono danced to Eyes on Fire from the soundtrack. It was a Sonya Tayeh routine and was completely vampire themed. How did ya’ll miss that???

  10. Wow those interviewers are horrible

  11. Laura :D says:

    Okay, my cast:
    Bella: Jeanine
    Edward: Jason
    Alice: Kayla
    Jasper: Kupono
    Rosalie: Kayla
    Emmett: Brandon
    Carlise: Evan?
    Esme: Melissa

    I also think Randi would make a pretty good Tanya and Kupono could also be James. Vitolio might be a match for Laurent.

  12. Melissa could be Victoria!!

  13. jessicaaa says:

    so did anyone else notice how when they showed clips of twilight it said Paramount Pictures “Twilight” and not Summit Entertainment??

  14. Basically I love Ashley Greene but the interviewers were horrible, she was obviously confused and uncomfortable at parts, and they didn’t even know kristen stewart’s name. Next time they need to do some research!

  15. Twi~dancer72 says:

    Ummmmm they already did a twilight dance lol but ya know, Jason would make a good Jacob lol and if Randi had black hair she could pull off Alice haha either her or Janette with pale makeup :). GO JEANINE!!!!! YOU DESERVED IT!!!!! I <3 SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!

  16. Spunkette says:

    She was my favorite the wwhole time! SOOOOOO GLAD that she won. She deserved it!! And her being a Twilight fan is another reason to love her even more!!

  17. YAY Jeanine! I was so excited that you won! AND, love that you’re obsessed with Twilight too πŸ™‚

  18. im so happy Jeanine won-but a little miffed that Evan didn’t (he’s from my hometown and went to my high school!!!). he would make a good Edward πŸ™‚ he’s so cute
    maybe Melissa could be Esme? lol

  19. oh, you’re right…they did do a twilight inspired dance to eyes on fire…but i didn’t see a lot of twilight stuff in it…..they could do something SO much better

  20. teamjazzy says:

    i agree with u gaby. she seemed so uncomfortable. i was feeling soooo bad!! the interviewers didnt know a thing!!! poor her… i love her with all my heart though!!! team alice!!

  21. uhhh they did a “twilight themed” dance…
    yeah kayla and kupono did a dance to eyes on fire

  22. Ah! SYTYCD is my all time favorite show. I am a complete and total superfan, powervoting and all. Can’t wait for the tour!

  23. Yeah they actually already did a twilight routine choreographed (sp?) by Sonya to the song “Eyes on Fire”. It was amazing! Apparently Sonya is a huge twilight fan too. If you haven’t seen it yet, look in up on YouTube.

  24. SYTYCD and Twilight are two of my very favorite things. I LOVE the idea of a Twilight tribute! After seeing how giddy Sonya was when Nigel referred to Twilight with her ‘Eyes on Fire’ dance, she would surely want to choreograph it. Whoever said Jason as Jacob was right on target! I’d never thought to cast the SYTYCD people as Twilight characters, but those of you up there who already did it are awesome!!


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