UK Superfan Reports: What Was the UK Breaking Dawn Premiere Like?

Many people are familiar with YouTuber and uber Twilight fan Emma , AKA Nutty Madam. We asked her to do a bit of a report on what the UK premiere was like and on being recognized by the actors and crew. Robert Pattinson had seen her videos and asked to meet her. Check out her reaction to that bit of news here.  So here is Emma’s report in her own words:

Deciding to go to the UK Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere wasn’t hard, but the thought of having to spend 2, maybe 3 days sleeping on the street without having a shower and then meeting Rob and Taylor was too much for my brain to handle. Pretty early on I accepted that I might not get to actually meet the cast but that seeing them from a distance would be worth a trip to London and a night in a hotel.

Myself, Jen, Jess and Meg got to London on the 15th and spent a few hours wandering around doing touristy things like getting lost looking for a Nandos restaurant and running around in M&M world like kids on Christmas morning. We were on the way back to our hotel when we saw on Facebook that there were already 400 people at the venue. What the hell. why not just get up at 1am and head off at 2. We could secure our chances of meeting the stars and skip all that nasty non showeryness.

After less than 2 hours sleep, we found ourselves huddled up on a cold street at 2.30am. We were told that we’d be let into the pens at 9am. At 4am we were told to move up in the queue and at 6am we were moved yet again. Time dragged but the German film crew who were filming me for a feature kept us a little distracted. when it finally turned 10am the crowd control let us into the centre, freezing cold and exhausted. The red carpet was huge, with an entire section outdoors and another section at the top of an escalator indoors which was where we were placed. I remember turning around in awe – a coffee shop right behind us! Hot coffee! BLISS!

The day went by quite quickly after that. We secured a good spot at the barriers and decided to stay put for fear of losing it. At 3pm the pens were closed and the red and white carpet was laid out for the stars. Rob, Kristen and Taylor were scheduled to arrive at 5.45 but by the time they got to us it would be much later because of the length of the carpet.

There was a little screen just above us that finally showed Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Bill and Wyck arriving. That’s when it started to seem real. Up until then it was exciting, sure but when you realize you’re in the same building as your idols, it seems more definite. I remember being tired and having sore feet and wishing I was at home and then when I saw them coming up the escalator, it didn’t matter anymore. The first person to walk past was Wyck Godfrey. We screamed his name but he didn’t see us and he went into the premiere. No time to be disappointed because Bill Condon was making his way towards us! He was unbelievably friendly! He gave me a hug and asked me what my real name was, so that he could sign my autograph book “To Emma, The greatest TwiHard ever! Bill Condon”. Cue tears of joy!

Finally, after 16 hours of waiting, we caught sight of Rob, Kristen and Taylor. Wow. So strange to finally see them in the flesh. While holding back tears, I remember being told that they were going to go for interviews on the stage and then make their way around us to sign. After 3 hours of being pushed, squashed and having people screaming in my ears, not to mention 3 years of waiting, I was finally going to meet Robert, Taylor and Kristen. It was weird seeing Wyck Godfrey run towards me at that exact moment. I knew who he was, obviously but when he ran over and high fived me, telling me that he loved my reaction videos, I was gobsmacked. Surely this day couldn’t get any better?!

I didn’t notice Taylor making his way down the barrier until the girl next to me screamed his name in my ear. He was maybe 10 feet away so I got my phone ready to get a picture and took the lid off my pen to get the autograph. He made his way down the line and signed all the various items people were waving at him and then he got to me and signed my book but before I could ask for a photo, the screamy girl caught his attention and I missed my chance. I could have cried right there. A woman whose name I cannot for the life of me remember came over and asked if I’d gotten a photo with Taylor, I said no and she walked right up to him and said “You Need to meet Emma!” He turned around and grinned at me, before asking me if he could have a photo with me. With ME. WHOAH.

No time to recover, Kristen was on her way over. She didn’t stop to talk and there were no photos allowed but she did catch my eye and smile at me, I’d like to think she almost recognised me. Moment over, Rob was metres away. The screaming went up another level and I was close to tears again. He signed and just like before I didn’t get a picture but that amazing woman, I think she was an agent, saved the day. I feel awful but I can’t remember exactly what happened in that moment. I remember him saying he thought my videos were funny and we took a photo but thank God for all the cameras and people recording cause I’d never have been able to recall it otherwise. Big moment doesn’t even come close.

All the fuss died down and, crying, we made our way out of the centre to the train station. It didn’t really sink in, what had happened until I had a phone call from STV the next day asking me to do a reaction to footage they had. 40 seconds of a Rob interview from 2 days before the Premiere. Nothing special, just Rob saying he had seen my videos, thought I should be in the movies and wanted to meet me. Perfect ending to a perfect few days. Is it November 2012 yet?

News and Star Profiles Twilight Vlogger Nutty Madam

According to the News and Star:

“If you type her online username NuttyMadam3575 into a search engine you’ll find a long list of YouTube videos she has made and quickly see why she has been causing a storm around the world.

The subject of these clips is The Twilight Saga and it’s her excited screaming, shouting and general ranging, and phrases such as “I don’t even care if I break your eardrums, I did warn you,” that have made her a sensation.

Her videos have received more than five million hits and she has met and interviewed some of the cast, appeared on national television and on TV and radio across the world.

So I wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I met this superfan from Carlisle.

It didn’t take long to realise that while this young woman is a self-confessed obsessive Twilight fan – who is not afraid to say what she thinks or of what other people think of her – she’s straight-talking and reasoned rather than a crazy attention seeker.”

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We’re not really sure what the whole program was about, maybe someone in the UK who saw it can fill us in, but NuttyMadam from YouTube was featured. We’re trying to track down the Chaske Footage from the same program now.

Edited: NuttyMadam who was on the program has gotten in touch. She has the Chaske footage and she’s going to write a piece for us on the whole show so we can understand it all in context.