Don’t Forget to Vote In TwiFight on MTV

MTV’s TwiFight is still in full swing. Make sure you vote to avoid bizarre upsets like Quil taking out Jacob!  MTV asked some Twilight site operators what they thought of the upset. Laura chimed in for the Lexicon and our red carpet buddy, Kallie of Twilight Series Theories, put in her two cents too.

“I have to say it shocked me and not much shocks me when it comes to Twilight!” said Laura Byrne-Cristiano, co-owner of Twilight Lexicon. “The only thing that I can think of is that people forgot to vote on the right side of the bracket. Tyson Houseman is a nice guy, but I didn’t think his fans would oust Taylor Lautner and Jacob!”

Kallie Mathews of Twilight Series Theories worked up a sound case for the fact that fans might have voted with just the final movie in mind, which focuses mainly on Bella and Edward.

” ‘Breaking Dawn’ is all about Bella and Edward, and the way the book has been split up for the movie has put even more emphasis on their relationship,” Matthews said. “I’m sure we’ll see some of Jacob and Nessie, but I think fans are holding out for them to take on the lead roles in their own story someday.”

Right now it’s at neck-in-neck battle between Quil and Tayna, Carlise and Esme, and Jasper and Renesmee! VOTE VOTE VOTE!


Twilight Fight Round Three Happening Now: Esme vs. Carlisle and more!

It’s getting tougher with some of our favorites going head to head like Esme vs. Carlisle and Renesmee vs. Jasper, and Peter vs. Edward isn’t as much of a complete blow out as you’d think!


Get over to MTV and vote!

MTV TwiFight Next Bracket Is Open: Vote Now

Round One Voting has concluded. Check out the new match ups. There were some close calls but in the end Peter won over James, Senna over Victoria, but is wasn’t all good over evil or super-being over human as Jane trounced Victoria and Angela wiped the floor with Embry.

Check out the MTV analysis ( our friend Kimmy from His Golden Eyes chime sin as this week’s TwiExpert) and vote in round 2! Don’t let your favorites go out without a fight!

MTV Announces Twi-fight Saga

MTV has done this with other fandoms before. The one that we remember the best was their Harry Potter themed one. It kind of looks like March Madness brackets. Here are the details.

There has been so much talk of “Edward versus Jacob” over the years. Don’t you think its time that the two competitors for Bella’s love finally just duke it out to decide who’s better?

That’s exactly what MTV’s “Twi-fight Saga” is here to finally decide. Which character from the “The Twilight Saga” trumps all others? It’s up to you to choice the ultimate victor.

Starting Monday, October 22, you will be able to vote in a 64-person bracket-style tournament over at With each round, the field will grow smaller and smaller until we have the final showdown to decide which character rules them all.