MTV Announces Twi-fight Saga

MTV has done this with other fandoms before. The one that we remember the best was their Harry Potter themed one. It kind of looks like March Madness brackets. Here are the details.

There has been so much talk of “Edward versus Jacob” over the years. Don’t you think its time that the two competitors for Bella’s love finally just duke it out to decide who’s better?

That’s exactly what MTV’s “Twi-fight Saga” is here to finally decide. Which character from the “The Twilight Saga” trumps all others? It’s up to you to choice the ultimate victor.

Starting Monday, October 22, you will be able to vote in a 64-person bracket-style tournament over at With each round, the field will grow smaller and smaller until we have the final showdown to decide which character rules them all.


  1. Christina says:

    Bella. The entire series is hers.

    • I totally agree. If I were to chose between Edward or Jacob, I would definitely chose Edward, but Team Bella all the way. There can be no Twilight without Bella Swan ? (:

  2. The real question is if you vote based on the books or the movies. Edward wins the books in my mind… but when it comes to the movies Charlie’s who I love the most!

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