Max Irons Cast as Jared in “The Host”

Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s other book “The Host” have been buzzing all week about the casting rumors. It was announced previous that Jake Able had landed the role of Ian O’Shea. Now EW is confirming that Max Irons has been cast as Jared Howe. Max is the son of Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons and was recently seen in the Catherine Hardwicke film “Red Riding Hood.”   Irons joins Able and  Saoirse Ronan to round out the top three characters.  The film will begin shooting in Febuary and is set to be released March 29, 2013.

So let’s here it folks. What do you think? Now that the main three characters have been cast, we want to know your opinions! Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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