Max Irons Cast as Jared in “The Host”

Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s other book “The Host” have been buzzing all week about the casting rumors. It was announced previous that Jake Able had landed the role of Ian O’Shea. Now EW is confirming that Max Irons has been cast as Jared Howe. Max is the son of Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons and was recently seen in the Catherine Hardwicke film “Red Riding Hood.”   Irons joins Able and  Saoirse Ronan to round out the top three characters.  The film will begin shooting in Febuary and is set to be released March 29, 2013.

So let’s here it folks. What do you think? Now that the main three characters have been cast, we want to know your opinions! Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. He looks too young!!!! I also envisioned a bit older and manly!!!

  2. Brandi Rose says:

    Hate to say I am unhappy with the casting choices for Ian and Jared,especially since actors can absolutely surprise you with a performance that you didn’t think was in them, but…why are they casting such young actors? I think they are all talented but when I read The Host, the characters, especially Ian and Jared, were older in my perception. Ian and Jared are described as MEN. Strong, intense, physical men. These actors seem young and slender pretty boys. Well we have certainly seen actors transform themselves for a role ( Taylor,anyone?) so hopefully they will be able to bring these strong characters to life.

  3. Tina Holewinski says:

    For all of the doubters out there you should check Max out in some of his TV stuff. He plays older characters and pulls it off quite well. Yes, Max, is a “pretty boy”, but I really believe he will pull this character off well. The only disappointment I have is: now everyone’s going to LUST after Max like I do….he’s gonna go through the Pattinson affect ….DAAAAANG! oh well…cheers Max!

  4. I think he is a bit too young to play Jared. Jared is suppose to be 30 and really rough and manly. But I am sure he was cast for his acting talent so I am looking forward to seeing him embody Jared!

  5. So glad that Kit Harington was not casted in this movie! Sorry…I know Kit auditioned(supposedly) which I am not how far back this supposedly happened but he has been in Iceland preparing for his “Game Of Thrones” filming.
    And right now I think the GOT fans only want him to concentrate on that role!

  6. I was just watching The Social Network(facebook movie). and when the two twin brothers came on, i thought, damn! those guys should play Ian and Kyle O’shea. The two guys are Armie Hammer and Josh Pence. They don’t necessarily look like each other but in The Social Network, they very much do (oh the love of makeup). They are tall, have good proportions of muscles (they row crew in TSN) and they look very much alike. I think it is also very important that these two actors have this kind of bond. The kind of bond that is already present and working together previous would definately do that. They are still far from mainstream actors and i think that this would definately be a great pair for this movie. Out of all the movies that were made from Stephenie Meyer’s books, The Host is going to be the most difficult to get the whole emotion and intention out. I love love the Twilight Saga, but ever since i finished reading The Host…..I couldn’t be more excited at how much of a ride that book was. i loved it. and now comes the scary part having them cut out parts that we love. that we hated, but still were needed.
    IDk,, i hope this makes sense, i’m ambien high right now but i thought id have time ti get this out before it came into effect. Just sayin….thse two guys would be perfect for Ian and Kyle. 🙂

  7. i’m more interested in watching the Hunger Games releasing in March of next year ^_^..


  1. […] Twilight Lexicon berichtete gerade, dass Max Iron für Jared in „Seelen“ gecastet worden sei. Und Jake Able soll die Rolle des Ian übernehmen. Max Iron spielte bereits in „Red Riding Hood“, der von Catherine Hardwicke geführt wurde. […]

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