Justin Bieber Premiere Described as Twilightesque

We’ve seen an awful lot of comparison to Twilight. Usually it’s things like “Is this author the next Stephenie Meyer?” or “Is this character the next Edward Cullen?” So far we haven’t seen anything that totally gets to that Twilight proportion. In other words, no book signing with over 1,000 fans wrapped around the block for 3 hours.

However, judging by what we’ve seen on Twitter and on ET, it looks like there is a movie premiere that did rival the Twilight insanity. ET’s Kevin Fraizer said, “This might be the biggest, craziest movie event I’ve ever covered. This was ‘Twilight’-esque. It’s certainly the biggest premiere for a single guy. I saw fans crying, screaming, totally out of control!”

From what we could tell, the premiere looked like it was held at the Nokia (same place as Eclipse) and the place was PACKED.

After watching the craziness Laura remarked to one of our mods, I think this is the only person who can rival Robert Pattinson for flat out crazy adoration. Good thing he’s not in Breaking Dawn or we’d never hear anything at a premiere! And then I joked, you know, just watch, when they cast The Host movie Justin will end up as Jamie and we will experience it first hand!

Now all of our mods know who Justin is, but we can’t say that we’ve really followed his music that closely. We’re curious, do you have what’s being called “Bieber Fever” and do you think the Twilightesque comparison for fanatical fans is dead on?


  1. Yeah I totally agree with the twilight-esque thing, but I really don’t like Justin Bieber. xD
    If Justin is cast as Jamie, I will NOT see The Host. I bet if Boo Boo Stewart played Jamie that would be kind of cool 😛

  2. Twilight Nymph says:

    I don’t like him whatsoever. I don’t think he could rival Rob, in fans maybe but that’s about it. I have seriously become annoyed by 2-6 yr olds singing “baby, baby, oh!” It feels excruciating. But then again I don’t say anything bc that’s their opinion and expression.

  3. As a person, I really do like Justin Bieber. He’s very kind and at least tries to be a good role model…as of right now. As for his music… eh… It’s sort of a fad of the week type of thing. He’s very talented and he has a great voice, but there isn’t enough substance for me to listen, but then again, I’m not a 16-year-old girl either.

    Is it Twilight-esque… In a few ways it is. A lot of the Twilight craze has less to do with the books/ movies and more to do with its the “in” thing right now. Same goes with the Twilight actors. They’ve gotten a lot of press, but mostly because they are in “Twilight”. Once all the movies have been made and they have run their course, quite a bit of the publicity will die with it. What will sustain the actors careers after Twilight will be their choice of films. You’re always going to have the die-hard fans, but once the glam is gone, so will quite a few people. It’s normal…

  4. I don’t really care for the kid but the Twilight premieres are bigger. There’s more people of different ages and we wait for 5 days. Bieber fans are pretty crazy but they have nothing on us. I went and saw the movie w/ my little nieces and it’s little girls screaming the whole time and I was a BSB fan so I know it will out grow them just look at the Jonas Brothers.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, Twilight fans are more dedicated then crazy. I remember going to the UK fan event and being stood outside for days in the pouring, cold November weather. The people beside us didnt even have coats…

      But like true fans we all huddled together and shared our resources (sounds like we were stuck on a desert island) but how beiber fans are one for all, you wouldnt see that happening.

      Twilight fans forever <3

  5. Verna Sanders says:

    Well I’m not a teenager, far from it but I just don’t get the kids music.

  6. Meh, the same thing’ll happen to him that happened to the Jonas Brothers, Pokemon, and most of those fad things of our youth: he’ll eventually fade and appear on one of those “where are they now” lists.

  7. I’ve listened to his music and while I don’t ‘love’ it, I do get why he’s popular. He’s attractive to the young girls and is not someone who became famous over night. He’s a hard worker and very thankful to his fans for supporting him from when he was just another singer on youtube.

  8. RockinRobbin says:

    Twilight has a much more diverse fan base, from tweens to grandmothers,(I am 53 fyi). The same can’t be said about Justin right now. Time will tell when he matures as to whether he can attract a wider fan base, but right now, you don’t see any older people in his ‘throngs’ of fans.

    • That’s not true. I work at a movie theater….and let me tell you…there are plenty of older women who are huge fans of JB. Just sayin…

      You know…some of these comments say that Justin is just a fad and he will fade away. I hope the same thing happens with Twilight – at least the commercialization/crazy fans. It needs to go. Now.

      By the way, I DON’T think Justin is just a fad. He’s a very talented young person and I think he has a bright future. He’s still maturing and growing into an artist. Let’s wait and see what becomes of him before we start assuming anything.

  9. I’m not a fan of JB at all. And I don’t know that he’ll hold out once his voice changes – seemingly a lot of boys don’t. So we have yet to see on it. As far as his fandom being “Twilight-esque”, I don’t think so. I don’t think his fans would be willing to (or even ALLOWED to for that matter) camp out for four days just for a glimpse of him. And it’s not to say I don’t appreciate Justin for trying to really make it all out in the music business – it’s just that I’ve seen others try a lot harder from other countries, who will never gain as much recognition, and who are more talented (in my opinion). Will Twilight end up being a fad? Even as huge a fan I am, I think it will. Will Bieber – definitely.

  10. Why not call it “Beatles-esque?” Isn’t that a much more apt description since Justin Bieber is a musician and not a book or movie franchise?

    I’m in my 30’s and not NEARLY a Bieber fan. My niece likes him but I haven’t listened to him to find out why. It seems to me they shouldn’t be comparing genres.

  11. i think both fandom’s are pretty damn crazy, though the age group can vary quite a bit with twilight where as Beiber fans are mostly pre-pubescent girls.
    i don’t think Beiber is talented, his music is generi, meaningless and over produced crap, he isn’t actually talented. have you ever seen a live show? he lost his voice when he hit puberty. and yes, he may be a better role model then some of the current starlets etc, but he is clearly putting on an act and is told where to be, how to act, what to wear – he is nothing but a product.

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