Kristen Stewart Hitting the Tonight Show on Friday

Kristen Stewart is scheduled to be on The Tonight Show this Friday to do PR for Welcome to the Rileys, her film with James Gandolfini that was the big buzz at Sundance and elsewhere this year.

Expect some of the talk to drift to Breaking Dawn.  The last time Kristen did the Tonight Show can be seen in the videos below.

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Jay Leno Does Eclipse on a Budget

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Dakota Fanning Talks Eclipse With Jay Leno

Dakota is just the first in what is going to be a very full two weeks of the cast making the talk show rounds.

The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Interviews Robert Pattinson About Eclipse

Now for those of you who remember Twilight history, you might recall that Emma Roberts (who was also on Leno last night) was once suggested by Stephenie Meyer as a possible Bella back in the days before there was a movie. The fan reaction was visceral to say the least prompting Stephenie to write on her then active MySpace; “I didn’t realize that Emma Roberts had personally run over so many people’s dogs.” Now for those of you who are really good at trivia, do you remember what movie Stephenie had just seen Emma in that sparked the fan outcry?

Also, Emma is a huge Twilight fan. She obsessively went through all the books while taping the movie Valentines Day. There are multiple pictures of her devouring the books on her filming breaks. It was even mentioned on the George Lopez show a few months back, but sadly no one recorded the footage.

Kristen Stewart: Jay Leno The Tonight Show

Anna Kendrick on Jay Leno

Look for Anna Kendrick today on The View

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