The Tonight Show: Jay Leno Interviews Robert Pattinson About Eclipse

Now for those of you who remember Twilight history, you might recall that Emma Roberts (who was also on Leno last night) was once suggested by Stephenie Meyer as a possible Bella back in the days before there was a movie. The fan reaction was visceral to say the least prompting Stephenie to write on her then active MySpace; “I didn’t realize that Emma Roberts had personally run over so many people’s dogs.” Now for those of you who are really good at trivia, do you remember what movie Stephenie had just seen Emma in that sparked the fan outcry?

Also, Emma is a huge Twilight fan. She obsessively went through all the books while taping the movie Valentines Day. There are multiple pictures of her devouring the books on her filming breaks. It was even mentioned on the George Lopez show a few months back, but sadly no one recorded the footage.


  1. Well, I agree with what Rob said last night–“You’ve just revealed that you have absolutely no taste whatsoever.” I think she is a huge twit. I didnt think she was very good in Valentine’s Day when I watched it and I am so glad that she was not Bella.

    • My thoughts exactly! NO WAY COULD SHE HAVE PULLED BELLA OFF. Kristen all the way, baby!!!!!

    • I actually think Rob was very rude to Emma! The whole point of the Teams is that you/anyone can make a choice. I was actually Team Edward but after that rude comment to Emma I am anti Robert. This is a work of fiction and all the picking of Teams is done in fun (I hope). So to tell someone on national TV that they have poor taste just because they didn’t pick the character you play is obnoxious. He look stunned that someone would actually pick Team Jacob in front of him. Get over yourself!!!

      • fairly positive that rob was joking and that was all in fun too…

        • oh please, if Kristen would have made a comment like that, people would be tearing her apart. It’s such a double standard that Rob can get away with saying anything but Kristen is always crucified. Maybe it was said in jest but Emma does have a right to her opinion and it should be respected.

      • he was just joking around! plus isn’t he on team jacob?

        • it’s really fine emma to be on team Jacob! but wht i didn’t like was how she was like ” do we have to sit next to each other another few minutes?. ” tht was plain rude! plus i felt like she has something against rob… i really can’t pin point it! but it was really uncomfortable to watch her and rob together.

      • Are you serious? HE WAS JOKING! Have you not ever seen any of his interviews? He jokes like this all the time.

      • Yeah, he was totally just joking. That was obvious. She actually seemed like she was nervous and a bit stiff throughout the interview, and I think she might’ve taken the joke a bit too far when she asked if they had to sit next to each other. I know she was joking, but that came off as really sarcastic, as did the comment she made about his hair being wonderful in person. She seemed uncomfortable around him from the get-go and it almost sounded like she disliked him. I agree that she would not have been my 1st choice to play Bella. The movies would not have been the same w/ someone like her in that role.

      • He was extremely funny, and she was a great sport and thought he was funny too. Sometimes fans take this stuff too seriously. I can’t believe that anyone would think he was serious. He was trying to be funny people. I am Team Edward but I would have thought it was just as hilarious if Taylor Lauther had said the same thing to someone who was Team Edward. For goodness sake, come back to reality and don’t take EVERYTHING so seriously. Everyone got that it ws FUNNY, and that he was not serious. Please!

  2. Monique C says:

    Trivia – Nancy Drew?

  3. Cathryn says:

    secrets? it’s based on a book! lmao!!! Rob got you there Jay 😀

  4. Emma may be a very nice person, but last night, it came across to me that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (based on what I’ve heard about her father). I thought Rob’s comeback to her “Team Jacob” comment was great, and certainly anyone with a sense of humor would have understood its delivery as a joke, and not a factual statement. She reacted like a real pill, and it seemed to me that she never gave him the time of day for the rest of the show (e.g., going out and back in from commercial breaks, and after the musical guest performed). I even thought Jay seemed a little uncomfortable by her “poor sport” reaction. And I’m not saying this merely because it was Rob who made the comment…come on, honey, lighten up. You’re no better than the rest of us.

    • Look at the video again. It didn’t come off to me like Rob was joking. He actually looked a little put off that she picked Team Jacob. He just met her ten minutes ago and to say she has poor taste when she didn’t pick him is showing HIS poor taste. He doesn’t know her that well to make a joke like that on TV. Now I bet she will NEVER be Team Edward/Robert. lol!

  5. rhiannon says:

    emma roberts as bella?? GMAB! i saw what she did to nancy drew and that was painful enough!!

  6. I think anyone could do a better job then kristen stewart, emma probably would have done better but she was like 15 or somethign at the time so it would have been weird

  7. I think she is a cute girl. I couldn’t get the interview to play so I can’t see her part, she’s young tho’ and probably doesn’t handle herself well in interviews yet.

  8. M Twilightlover says:

    She certainly didn’t come across as a big fan–poor sport, maybe?? She said “yeah I watched the movies and read the books…” She would not have done Bella justice… and she did seem to be a “poor sport” to Rob’s obvious, tongue in cheek comment. Lighten up and let’s hope she really isn’t dating Taylor….

    • They could be dating, but Rob and Taylor are very close friends. So if they were dating, they’d probably had already known eachother.

  9. I actually stayed up late to watch Jay last night and I think in true Rob fashion he was only kidding. Emma, however was not a very good interview and I feel she was a bit put-out by Rob. She was quite “pissy” throughout the entire interview. I did love Rob reading his emails from his dad. They seem to have a very close relationship and he’s just being a dad which was very sweet. He’s so down to earth and fun to watch.

  10. Rob was joking of course. He and Taylor are good friends and he is not into playing Edward anyway so he could care less. If people want to switch Teams because of that comment then u are crazy. You know how many Team Jacob fans he probably runs into when he is out promoting these movies TONS. He does not care about these silly Teams. Something crazy is always flying out of his mouth and that is why we love him.

  11. I can’t believe how many people were justing waiting to attack Rob or Emma. I watched the show last night and I honestly believe it was a joke. I have heard that same comment from many guys before last night. In the majority of those incidents it was a joke. I honestly do not like Emma’s acting, but I don’t know her as a person. Maybe she was upset at the comment, but then again she could have known it was a joke. We will never know. When it comes to Rob, I think people need to remember that he is awkward in many of his interviews and sometimes he says things out of nowhere.

  12. arazcal says:

    he’d just had an absolutely wonderful, charming interview with Jay talking about his dad,etc.I think that Rob was joking with the comment he made about taste to Emma.If he was going to be mean spirited he could have continued. nah, i think he was just playing around with that quick wit that sometimes gets him in trouble or taken the wrong way. Give the guy credit he’s quick on his feet!. i think emma was EXREMELY nervous about the interview and then on top of it add sitting next to Rob in the flesh, i think she was just a little in over her head.Jay probably shouldn’t have put her on the spot like that but kudos for Emma for being truthful and loyal to “jake” even in the actual face of “Edward’

  13. Robert was adorable…and I am sure he was joking. It is nice to see him getting more comfortable with the media.

  14. Loved Rob last night, he seemed way more comfortable than usual. As for Ms. Roberts, maybe she just forgot to pop a Midol before the show. She seemed a little bratty last night.

  15. Lighten up people and quit taking everything so seriously!! So your telling me that not only do the paparazzi/media take words and twist them, the fans do too, it’s unreal. And who cares if he really does think that she has no taste.. that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. Deal with it.

    • Brittany says:

      i totally agree. though, i’m pretty sure rob was joking when he said that about having no taste. 😉

  16. I thought rob’s comment was hilarious! His facials expressions crack me up. It seemed like they were both joking around!

  17. rob was right she does have bad taste that shirt was so ugly

  18. I love Rob’s interview, he comes across as totally genuine and unaffected, smart, funny and friendly. His father’s messages and Rob’s obvious fondness for them was made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

    His comment about whats-her-face having no taste was definitely a good natured joke, I’m actually surprised than anyone could see it otherwise, but perhaps not everyone ‘gets’ his British sense of humour? Which, IMO, isn’t really his problem.

    Weird how many people seem to want to see discord where there (probably!) is none…

  19. mek mek says:

    I stayed up last night to watch the interview also and I think in true Rob fashion he was just joking around as always HOWEVER, I think Emma really was put off by his joking and retorted with a tasteless comb-back of her own HOWEVER, im glad she said she was team Jacob it was real and i like for people to be real not every1 is going to be TEAM EDWARD all the way like me.

  20. In the New Moon special features DVD, Taylor is at the ComicCon and is standing next to a girl with a t-shirt on that says “Team Edward” and Taylor says that he’s “not liking her t-shirt very much!” I was blown away by Rob’s quick British wit in responding to her saying she was “Team Jacob”. What the hell else did you want him to say?? Rob is becoming more and more comfortable in these situations and I am happy to see him let some of his personality show. Sorry, but she did seem like a “pissy twit”.

  21. I thought it was adorable when Rob read his texts from his dad to the audience. So cute about the hand kissing thing. So funny when Rob told Emma that she has no taste, it’s just so Rob. Emma did seem nervous about answering *Team Jacob.*
    I would be nervous sitting next to Rob too. But she did seem a little cranky though. I don’t even know who she is, so I am not going to judge her. I am glad that they did choose Kristen Stewart as Bella.

  22. First, I thought that interview was one of the best he’s ever done. He seems so much more comfortable with the media in all the Eclipse interviews than he ever has before. It May be that he’s finally getting a handle on all the attention, if that’s possible! I loved hearing his dad’s emails and it even looked like his dad blushed a little…cute! They should be very proud of their son.

    I knew immediately that Rob was joking when he said that to Emma. He does that alot, and I guess she just didn’t know how to respond but seemed entirely put off for the rest of the interview. Even when Jay was joking about some things, she didn’t smile and my take on her is that maybe she’s a bit self-absorbed. There is no way Rob was being intentionally mean with that comment, he couldn’t care less what Team she’s on.

    • Amen to that! I am sure that he and Taylor both get a kick of the Teams in the first place….they probably are both on each other’s team. I cannot even fanthom how anyone did not see this as humorous and joking. The audience and Jay got it….why can’t Twilight fans get it! I am Edward all the way, but if someone likes Jacob better, more power to them. They are not crazy just because they don’t like my guy! Everything is done in fun….enjoy Twilight and don’t ruin it by making Twilight fans seem like they are crazies!

  23. Brittany says:

    leave emma roberts alone. kthx. 🙂

  24. I think you’re all crazy – she doesn’t seem pissy or self-absorbed or whatever at all to me. Her comment was just as much in jest as Rob’s was, and they were both funny! Some people get so defensive, sheesh.

  25. danielle says:

    who cares.

    but rob… what a sweetheart!!! loved the interview. :))) thanks for a great interview jay!!

  26. heather says:

    I agree, who cares. I personally thought this was one of the best Rob interviews yet — Jay did a great job getting him to talk about his dad and the emails. So nice to hear something other than questions like, how do you walk around in public now that you’re famous, blah blah blah.

    I’m surprised at how much better Rob interviews now — he was super awkward when they made the first movie, and he’s obviously become a lot more comfortable. Not for nothing, answering interview questions on the fly in front of a huge audience isn’t easy, and nothing goes perfectly. He might put his foot in his mouth with weird jokes now and then that people can’t figure out if they’re serious or not, but still, he seems like a much nicer guy than a lot of celebrities, and I hope he stays that way.

    • HAHAHA you just reminded me about “on the fly” – I was at a restaurant the other day and the people next to us ordered salads with their meals and the waitress says, “I’ll have those salads to you on the fly” and the old man (jokingly) says, “no you can leave the fly out of it.” It was totally awesome and reminded me of NewMoon.

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