Imprint Podcast Number 51 (NYC Episode) Now Available

imprintlogoThis summer, Andrew, Matt, Elysa, and Laura from Imprint/TwiSource went on the road with their popular podcast. They recorded live shows in a bunch of cities. Jen was a guest in their Boston area show(episode 50) and Laura was a guest on their New York City show.

They just uploaded the NYC show(episode 51), so if you want some listening material as you head out on your Labor Day Weekend, head on over to Imprint/TwiSource and download an episode.

*Disclaimer* The show was recorded in July certain info has changed since then regarding the production of the Breaking Dawn movie. Specifically they ARE shooting material from Jacob’s book and the dates of the movies.

Imprint Podcast Boston Episode Is Up

imprintlogoJen (Be My Escape)was a guest on the program when the Imprint podcast’s cross nation tour hit Boston this summer. Check out the program here on ITunes.

Imprint/TwiSource is one of the podcasts that we love to follow along with Twilight Series Theories.

Twilight Lexicon at the Twilight Source Live Podcasts This Week

summertourthumbToday and tomorrow we will be joining the crew from Twilight Source/Imprint Podcast at the live podcasts at the Borders in Boston and New York City. Jen (Be My Escape) will be in Boston and Laura (Pel) will be in NYC. Details on the events can be found here.

We are looking forward to being on the show and seeing people. Both Matt and Elysa, who were among the people who had the fan junket lunch with Stephenie Meyer will be there.

Imprint Podcast Touring the USA

summertourthumbThe folks who run the site Twilight Source and it’s companion the Imprint Podcast, are touring the USA this summer doing live podcasts in a variety of Borders locations.

Andrew Sims, Matt Britton, and Elysa Montfort have done the first two stops in Seattle and San Francisco. Laura Thompson may be joining them in Florida. Tonight they are in San Diego before heading cross-country where they will be in Dallas. The group had Kimmy from His Golden Eyes as a guest on their San Francisco show, and Kallie and Kassie of Twilight Series Theories will be guests on their Dallas show.

By the time the crew heads to the East Coast we will be joining them on two of their stops.
Jen (Be My Escape) will catch up with the crew in Boston (RSVP Facebook)
Laura (Pel) will be there in New York City (RSVP Facebook)

Twilight Source (along with Twilight Series Theories, TwiFans and Letters to Twilight) was a the recent fansite luncheon hosted by Stephenie Meyer.

Imprint is one of our favorite podcasts! Check the guys out if you haven’t before, and hopefully we will see you at one of their stops.

Imprint Podcast Goes on Tour

summertourthumbIt’s no secret that we are friends and fans of Andrew and Matt from Twilight Source who run the Imprint Podcast. In fact Pel was a HUGE fan going back to their Mugglecast days.  Alphie teased her a lot about going all fangurl on them the first time they met.

In any case we are even more excited today because Imprint, in conjunction with Borders, has a summer podcast tour going on that is crisscrossing the USA.

Check out their site for the Borders location that is closest to you.  We are looking forward to joining them at their New York, Boston, and Atlanta stops.

So check out the schedule, we can guarantee that this is something you won’t want to miss.