Twilight Lexicon at the Twilight Source Live Podcasts This Week

summertourthumbToday and tomorrow we will be joining the crew from Twilight Source/Imprint Podcast at the live podcasts at the Borders in Boston and New York City. Jen (Be My Escape) will be in Boston and Laura (Pel) will be in NYC. Details on the events can be found here.

We are looking forward to being on the show and seeing people. Both Matt and Elysa, who were among the people who had the fan junket lunch with Stephenie Meyer will be there.


  1. You girls lead the most interesting lives.

  2. I hope you have a nice time. I don’t listen to Imprint anymore because I think they are very negative and sometimes pretentious. It also bothers me that they often get their facts wrong. Andrew seems to be on top of things but the other pod-casters sometimes say things that make me think they haven’t read the books in years.