Twilight Eclipses Ebay

This just in from Ebay UK:

Twilight fever is hitting as fans snap up all their vampire favourites ahead of the launch the eagerly anticipated third film, Eclipse.

Twilighters wanting to swot up on the plot so far are stocking up on the previous DVDs and books in the series. Sales of the first film, Twilight, have jumped by a massive 230% in the last fortnight, while the books have seen a 198% sales hike. DVDs of the second title, New Moon, have soared by 121% in the same period, while the books have seen a 182% rise.

But whether it’s the spellbinding plot, or fans’ adoration of the handsome leading man, Robert Pattinson, is debateable. Sales of all-things R Patz are up by 145% in the last week alone, including key rings, t-shirts and even life-sized cut-outs of the vampire heartthrob.

For some die-hard film lovers, it seems watching the action is never quite enough. Twilighters wanting to capture the vampiric look for themselves have been investing in gothic garms. Sales of jet black hair dye have jumped by 266% in the last week and black nail varnish is up 112%. Obsessives wanting to embrace the more extreme vampire look have been purchasing fake blood in droves – usually reserved for ghoulish Halloween parties, sales on the site have grown by 150% in the last week.

eBay spokesperson, Ruth Szyszkowski, says: “Twilight fever has hit eBay, and thousands of fans have been flocking to the site in anticipation of the new film launch. From fashion to films – if it’s hot, it’s on eBay.”

No doubt there are similar results happening on the American and other versions of the Ebay sites.  One word of caution to potential Ebay buyers in the area of autographs.  Be very careful. Don’t pay a mint for  items without a certificate of authenticity or some other reasonable proof that the item has legit signatures! Also read the fine print! Is the item an actual unique autograph, a photocopy, or a replica with an autopen. Make sure you understand what you are bidding on!

Robert Pattinson Signed Guitar on Ebay

rob guitarRobert Pattinson signed a brand new Fender Telecaster guitar for the charity The Midnight Mission.  For some reason it has no bids. Now granted we are in a tough economy, but the guitar alone is worth at least $800.  So if you want something signed and played by Rob, now is your chance.

The charity that is being helped support the homeless. According to their website  “We provide an array of life changing services for homeless men, women and children. They include education, job training and placement, drug and alcohol treatment and referral services. Additionally, we provide basic subsistence services and transitional housing for families.”

So, get the word out. There are only three days left to make this yours and we know, someone out there wants this guitar!

TY to Jessica for bringing that fact that this had no bids on it to our attention!