Robert Pattinson Signed Guitar on Ebay

rob guitarRobert Pattinson signed a brand new Fender Telecaster guitar for the charity The Midnight Mission.  For some reason it has no bids. Now granted we are in a tough economy, but the guitar alone is worth at least $800.  So if you want something signed and played by Rob, now is your chance.

The charity that is being helped support the homeless. According to their website  “We provide an array of life changing services for homeless men, women and children. They include education, job training and placement, drug and alcohol treatment and referral services. Additionally, we provide basic subsistence services and transitional housing for families.”

So, get the word out. There are only three days left to make this yours and we know, someone out there wants this guitar!

TY to Jessica for bringing that fact that this had no bids on it to our attention!