Darling Buds At Underbelly

Jamie Campbell Bower’s band, The Darling Buds, played at Underbelly on July 4th. He just Tweeted this video.Jamie’s vocal talent was first introduced to most fans by his performance in the movie Sweeney Todd where he played the part of Anthony, the sailor who falls in love with Joanna.

Websites to Watch

The Darling Buds, Jamie Campbell Bower’s band, are going to be playing on June 9th in the UK. Jamie Campbell Bower just Tweeted this site so you can buy tickets early.

Also, 100 Monkeys is doing a major site launch and the contest that we wrote about during the weekend.  We just heard from their staff, and they are a little backed up on the technicals. The site should be up shortly with full content, not just the preview video that is there now. Remember that the band just added an Allentown, PA show.  Their Philly shows sold out. Don’t wait to buy tickets!

Peter Facinelli’s site is also expected to launch shortly. Same problem, technicals a little backed up.

Also while we are at it, our 100 Monkeys footage will go up tonight. Combo of new editing software and a glorious Memorial Day Weekend delayed us.

Jamie Campbell Bower Music Video

Jamie Campbell Bower linked to a music video of the Darling Buds’ Cities Alive on his Twitter account. The Darling Buds is the band Jamie is in. You can check out the band’s official MySpace here.