Black Island Farms Back With Their Twilight Corn Maze

Black Island Farms in Utah boasts having the largest corn maze in the state. For the last couple of years they have done Twilight themed corn mazes. This year they are back again and they are grateful for the support. Their Eclipse maze was a big hit last year, and so was their New Moon maze the year before that.

According to the Standard

Owner Dorothy Law said the theme of this year’s maze is “Breaking Dawn,” a sequel in the popular “Twilight” saga. The cornfields — with twists, turns and dead ends — are designed to look like the faces of the actors: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Besides the maze and hayrides — which include a pumpkin for every passenger — there is a farmer’s market, animal alley, cow train, corn cannon, pig races, a haunted house, a grain-chute slide and many other activities.

“It’s really neat to see so many people here,” Black said, adding that organizers are hoping 50,000 people will come to the farm.

“At night when the lights are on and you’re in the maze where the fire pits are, it’s magical,” Black said.

Because of the way the venues are set up, he said, it doesn’t seem that crowded, even at the busiest times.

Dorothy Law said by opening the farm to the public, her family has a chance to teach visitors why farming is so important for the country.

“At the rate farms are being sold, the U.S. will soon be relying on other countries to import fresh vegetables and fruits,” she said, pointing out that Black Island Farm is not just a place for entertainment, but a “real working vegetable farm.”

If you are in Utah check them out! Full details on their website.

Twilight Themed Corn Maze Is Back

For the last several years a Salt Lake City area farm has done a Twilight themed corn maze. Well they are back again this year with another creation. According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

“Black Island Farms is again inviting people this fall to harvest memories, from the hayrides, slides built from giant hay stacks and freshly picked bounty at the farmers market available during the Harvest Festival. People can also brave a cornfield maze.

This year’s maze features the likeness of Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of the “Twilight” movie series. Those attempting to find the one exit from the more than five miles of twists, turns and dead ends likely will spend more than an hour to make their way out. Anyone smart or lucky enough to make the correct decisions may be able to complete the task in 15 to 30 minutes.

Opening day is Friday.”

Get more details on The Salt Lake Tribune.