Edward and Jacob Get Lost With Them in Corn

According to Utah’s Desert News, Black Island Farms has added a New Moon feature to their corn maze this year.

Black Island Farms, according to their website:

“Our award winning farm has been recognized for our quality in produce and for cooperating with the Conservation Society.

Our event objective is … to keep the dream of the ‘American Farm’ alive, sustain its rich heritage and to provide an alternate, entrepreneurial financial resource.

Our goals are …to provide entertainment to the general public, to promote awareness of agriculture, and to create an environment in which one can have fun while accepting the various challenges the maze has to offer.

We have joined the new concept of argi-tainment, agriculture and entertainment. The result is a means of bringing the two worlds together to get families off the couch and into the corn. This recurring seasonal event will trigger expectation, which will foster return visits year after year. Each visit unveils new and exciting challenges that will enthrall children, bond families, and boost employees’ moral while delivering the message of the American farm.”

Well, they have now added Team Edward and Team Jacob to their collection.  The Desert News captured aerial photos of the group’s latest venture.

According to Desert News, “Aerial photos show that two separate “Twilight”-themed maze patterns at Black Island Farms, 3178 S. 3000 West, have already been cut into the corn — a “Team Jacob” and a “Team Edward.” (In the movie, Bella can choose Edward or Jacob as her boyfriend.) The lettering “New moon 11-20-09″ is also a part of the maze.”

For more information visit the Black Island Farms website.


  1. That is too cool.

  2. Wanda Detroit says

    Holy crap.

  3. eternitys_charm says

    ….wow! O_o
    that has left me speechless. lol

  4. ScarletRubie says

    wow, that’s some pretty artistic stuff, i’m sure it was way fun to make.

  5. So cool! It is actually Deseret News, not desert news in case you wanted to look it up.

  6. Too freaking cool!

  7. That is sooooo Awesome! I want to go there.

  8. THATS SO COOL…i will eat that corn of Jacob’s
    this is so awesome!


  10. The Utah paper you are referencing is The Deseret News, not the desert news.

  11. Wow, this looks SO cool. I’ve got nothing else to say. It’s just WOW!

  12. Already Bitten says

    That would be the “DESERET NEWS,” not the ‘Desert News.” Deseret means “land of the honeybee,” and symbolizes industry and hard work. Deseret was the name of the unofficial Utah territory after the Mormon pioneers settled in the area.

  13. that is so awesome

  14. I think i can say that i’ve seen it all. LOL.

  15. I am so going to have my mom take me to this!!!

  16. i spazzed when i saw this article!

    i have first known about the Utah Cornfield Maze last year (since i’m a fan of David Archuleta and his face was on the maze last year haha)

    and now, it’s JACOB & EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!! my 2 fave characters!

  17. That’s freaking amazing
    I love it!

  18. I’m curious, who is planning on going? This maze could really help the city’s economy I think, if a lot of people go. Anyone planning on making a road trip out of it? (sounds like fun to me, I know I’m going)

  19. Alphie or Pel, please edit the post to have the correct spelling. PLEASE! I understand spelling errors & I’ll overlook them when they are unimportant but this is the name of your source you have spelled wrong.

  20. Mrs.Robert Pattinson/Mrs.Edward Cullen says


  21. Judy Bradley says

    Very cool! Thanks for the pics! A friend in UT called and told me, but the only pics on the website were from last year!

    • Hi,
      I was just reading some of the blogs and thought you all might want the real info on this corn maze and Nightmare Acres Haunted Barn. I am the cast director for the haunt and thought you might appreciate a better ariel pic and it’s up to you all to decide. Team Jacob or Team Edward!

  22. awesome i want to go be on edward

  23. WOW!!!! & I thought I’d seen ’bout everything… Just WOW!!! LOL!!!!!

  24. omg! This is awesome! i want to get on a plane right now and go to that!

  25. omg… that’s insane….

    in a good way 😉

  26. Precious Destinee says

    o .. m .. g .. THAT IS BEYOND AWESOME ! wonder how long it took to do that .

  27. StinaCullen says

    I saw this in the “DESERET NEWS” ( not desert news ) My sister in law and I are making a trip out of it! Taking the kiddo’s!! TEAM EDWARD HERE WE COME! lol

  28. cool! looks awesome!

  29. Holy man unbelievable, talk about taking Twilight to another level.

  30. I’ve just lost faith in humanity.

  31. wow i would love to be able to do that.
    they should get pic of the edward maze like they did for the jacob maze

  32. The coolest thing about this?

    Even the antis think it’s cool. XD

  33. Hey! I work at this corn maze. I work in the Nightmare Acres Haunted Barn. I hope that many of you come and see us! Make sure you go through the haunt as well!


  35. Pack Member for Life says

    Holy crap…omj [ohh my jacob]…totally want to get a trip going has been in my mind since I learned about this. Come on people…those who live in Seattle area…want to get a bus to travel down there and come back by visiting Forks? Who’s with me?

  36. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dslipay!


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