Chaske Spencer Speaks Candidly About Overcoming Addiction

Chaske Spencer has been open about being a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict. He spoke to an audience of 900 regarding his struggles.

Michigan Live has the report:

“Let me tell you something about heroin,” Spencer told about 900 people Wednesday in Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium. “It is the drug that kills. It will suck your soul, your life, it is no joke. I put myself in situations that I should have never been in.”

These encounters were before “Twilight’s” Sam Uley, leader of the Wolf Pack, was even heard of.

“I still didn’t think I really had a problem until one day I noticed that I couldn’t live without anything in my system,” Spencer said.”

There is also coverage via the newspaper of the University of Illinois:

“Born in Oklahoma, he didn’t move to a Native American reservation until later on in his childhood, where he didn’t make an immediate fit, he said.

“They teased me for being an apple. White on the inside, red on the outside, and I didn’t understand that,” Spencer said.

With a father for an alcoholic, he fell into a crowd of other youths from dysfunctional homes, he said.

“I’m talking dysfunction: There was mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. I thought that was normal for a long time, and it is on a reservation,” Spencer said”

Since getting his life together Chaske has been a vocal supporter of United Global Shift, and has used his Twilight celebrity to bring awareness to causes. He will be at a book launch in New York next week.

Chaske Spencer Rides Mechanical Bull at European Twilight Convention

The sound you hear is the insurance people at Summit having coronaries. You just know that a “no mechanical bulls” rider is about to be added to everyone’s contract! 🙂

Chaske is also doing a book launch on November 8 in New York City as part of his ongoing work with United Global Shift. This a also a charity event and the general public can attend. See details here.

Have Drinks in NYC With Chaske Spencer Tonight

This just came in from Chaske’s team at United Global Shift:

“Chaske Spencer is hosting a Be The Shift event at Juliet Supper Club 539 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011. Free cocktails from 9-10pm. 21+ with ID only please.

Its an excellent chance for your readers and followers and yourselves to come out and support the cause and hear Chaske speak about it.”

Given the above poster via Lovin Chaske, it’s a great chance to meet Michelle Rodriguez of LOST and Avatar fame as well!

Chaske Spencer to Host Halloween Party at Foxwoods Resort

Chaske Spencer is going to host the Halloween party at the MGM Shrine located at the Foxwoods resort and casino in Connecticut.

According to the Shrine Facebook:

“SANCTUARY SATURDAY at Shrine is one of the hottest parties in New England week in and week out. We bring in top of the line DJs and groups from all over the world to keep the music fresh and unique, and to keep the crowds coming back for more all year long!

This special Halloween edition we have Chaske Spencer, star of TWILIGHT, hosting the sexiest Halloween party on the east coast!
Are you a vampire or a werewolf??? Music by NYC DJ Carlos Melange!

Doors @ 9:00 / 21+
$20 cover
Ladies NO COVER before 10pm!

For VIP information including exclusive tables and bottle service please call John at 860.204.6366  or email”

Check out the Facebook page here.

Via Oh Quileute

Dragon Con 2010: Chaske Spencer, Dan Cudmore, Tyson Houseman Panel

Some of the questions covered in video 1 are:
“Who would win in a fight? Felix or Jane?”
“Could you talk about working with different directors?”
“If your 10yr old selves chose your movie roles for you, what would they be?”
“Did you have any artistic input in the Quileute tattoos and did anyone go get one for real?

Video 2 covers working with Dakota Fanning.

Goom Radio Interviews Chaske Spencer

Despite being in the eye of the Twilight storm, Chaske still seems humbled by the experience.Chaske defends his costars and talks about his new movie after Breaking Dawn.

Chaske Spencer Charity Auction

This just in from Chaske Spencer’s team at United Global Shift:

“On Friday, August 6th, Chaske Spencer, star of The Twilight Saga film series: New Moon and Eclipse will auction off a signed t-shirt and poster autographed by five members of Twilight’s Wolf Pack including, Chaske (Sam Uley), Alex Meraz (Paul), Bronson Pelletier (Jerod), Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), and Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) via eBay. All proceeds of this auction will benefit the “Be The Shift” project which is a charity campaign created by Chaske (and his manager Josselyne Herman) through his non-profit organization, United Global Shift.

The auction will go live on eBay this Friday, August 6, 2010, and biding will start at 99 cents. A signed poster of Chaske Spencer wearing a “Be The Shift” t-shirt during the campaigns official launch party will be auctioned off as well as a “Be The Shift” t-shirt signed by the aforementioned five members of Twilight’s beloved wolf pack.

The Ebay auction link is:

“Be The Shift” uses the Cheyenne River Sioux Water Infrastructure project as a launching pad to empower people to create sustainable, lasting change in their communities and countries through awareness of the current issues and conditions, alternatives that promote dignity, justice, unity, and accountability, and taking action that supports the creation of these alternatives.”

Spencer, who is a Native American from the Lakota Sioux tribe in Idaho and Montana has been especially active in the campaign. After hearing of the disaster in South Dakota, Spencer felt compelled to help. In less than a day, he produced a PSA through his production company Urban Dreams Production, enlisting the assistance of his celebrity friends to raise awareness and support to those who have been without power and water for weeks. The PSA urged individuals to “shift the power to the people” and help to empower everyone to create sustainable, lasting change in their communities and countries. In less than a month over 13,000 letters went to Congress as a result of the viral PSA campaign.

Chaske Spencer Talks Openly About Battling Addiction

In 2009, a person who was in rehab with Chaske Spencer, decided to go public with the information that Chaske Spencer had gone to rehab selling his story to TMZ.  Chaske Spencer responded by putting the following statement on his blog:

Personal Message from Chaske Spencer Setting the Record Straight

To all the wonderful, incredibly loyal fans:

For those of you that read that I was in rehab, I wanted to make sure you heard the truth from me directly. Yes it is true, that I was in rehab, however it was over 19 months ago, long before NEW MOON was even on my radar. It was a pivotal time in my life where I was lucky enough to have supportive friends and family to help me get healthy. I am grateful that I have been clean and sober now for 19 months and cannot imagine my life if I had continued using drugs and alcohol. Almost everything else that was written about this is blatantly false and we are exploring our legal options. That was my past, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to create a new future for myself. I encourage anyone who is in a similar place to seek support from their friends and family and know that without them, I would not have had the chance to be where I am now.

I want to thank all of you for the support you have shown, and continue to show. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Chaske “

Chaske revealed more information to People Magazine. According to People Chaske talks openly how what started out as drinking three cans of beer a day to deal with the pain of his parents’ divorce eventually lead to an additional cocaine and heroin habit by age 21 that cost him jailtime, his reputation, and nearly his life.  He openly talks about how he hit bottom, went to rehab, got his life together, and is open about his past mistakes.

According to People Chaske stated, “I got pretty tight with the wolf guys. I took each of them aside and told them I’m an addict and an alcoholic and that’s why I don’t drink.”

As part of his sobriety, Chaske now spends time giving back to his community through work with United Global Shift, a nonprofit organization that works with Native Americans.

See the full story on Yahoo and People.

On a personal note the staff of the Twilight Lexicon would like to say hats off to Chaske. he’s a class act on many, many  levels.

Chaske Spencer: The Responsibility to Give Back

What do you think on Chaske’s take on responsibility and being a role model.

Chaske Spencer Conducts Blood Drive in Montana Home Town

ChaskebillingsAccording to the Billings Gazette:

“The hottest date in town Tuesday was a movie with a werewolf.

Not just any werewolf, but a member of the wolf pack that saves the vampire clan’s necks in the latest installment of the “Twilight’’ series, “Eclipse.”

Chaske Spencer, who plays Sam Uley, the leader of the werewolf pack in the series, has been surprising Billings movie fans since the film opened at midnight June 29. Spencer, who is a member of the Lakota Sioux tribe and grew up in Poplar, pitched in to help United Blood Services pull off a promotion to bring in new donors and keep their blood bank full at a challenging time of year.

Last week, Spencer slipped into Billings for a midnight show of the new film.

“I had just flown in from Australia and I was mixed up on my days. I thought, I’ll go see a movie, so I went to ‘A-Team’ and then when I found out ‘Eclipse’ was showing at midnight, I stayed.’’

See more in the Billings Gazette.