Chaske Spencer Conducts Blood Drive in Montana Home Town

ChaskebillingsAccording to the Billings Gazette:

“The hottest date in town Tuesday was a movie with a werewolf.

Not just any werewolf, but a member of the wolf pack that saves the vampire clan’s necks in the latest installment of the “Twilight’’ series, “Eclipse.”

Chaske Spencer, who plays Sam Uley, the leader of the werewolf pack in the series, has been surprising Billings movie fans since the film opened at midnight June 29. Spencer, who is a member of the Lakota Sioux tribe and grew up in Poplar, pitched in to help United Blood Services pull off a promotion to bring in new donors and keep their blood bank full at a challenging time of year.

Last week, Spencer slipped into Billings for a midnight show of the new film.

“I had just flown in from Australia and I was mixed up on my days. I thought, I’ll go see a movie, so I went to ‘A-Team’ and then when I found out ‘Eclipse’ was showing at midnight, I stayed.’’

See more in the Billings Gazette.


  1. Twilibrarian says:

    It is so great Chaske organized a blood drive! The tie-in to the books/movies is a natural. Donating blood is such a responsible activity, and helps out so many people.

    Here in Western New York, particularly at Niagara Falls HS, holding blood drives in the name of “Twilight” has become a tradition. Upstate New York Transplant Services (UNYTS) is on board, and we hold 4-5 drives per school year.

    Especially during the summer, the blood supplies drop, but the need increases. One pint helps 3 people. Since I am O+, my donation on June 29 went directly from UNYTS to Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. It was used in the “Pints for Half-pints” program for sick kids/babies.

    The “Carlisle Would Approve (CWA)” project started by the gals at and approved by Stephenie Meyer encourages fans of Twilight to regularly donate blood. Whether it is through the ARC, UNYTS, or other local collection groups, please donate regularly.

    Thank you to Chaske Spencer for encouraging blood donations. From a educator’s standpoint, setting the example of what a socially responsible member of the human race speaks volumes. Kids today need to see their “heroes” doing the right thing. Bravo, Chaske! You are one in a million!!

  2. This is so like Chaske. He is a person who is grateful for what has been given to him with his career and wants to use it in a way to help others. They say “what goes around comes around” and I believe because of all that Chaske does to make the world a better place good things will always come back to him. Having met him for a few minutes you can tell his has a kind and generous heart.

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