Carter Burwell Posts Breaking Dawn 2 Score Clips on His Website

Carter Burwell, the composer of  the original Twilight and both Breaking Dawn movies, just tweeted the following information.



Get the Breaking Dawn Score on ITunes!

The Breaking Dawn score by Carter Burwell is now out on ITunes. There are 25 tracks listed. Here are their descriptions. Personally we love the one called “Hearts Failing”. we love that it’s plural symbolizing that Bella’s heart it literally giving out, but that Edward and Jacob’s hearts are being broken at the very same moment.:

The Kingdom Where Nobody

Cold Feet

What You See In the Mirror

Wedding Nightmare

Wolves On the Beach


A Nova Vida

The Threshold



Honeymoon In Eclipse

A Wolf Stands Up

Don’t Choose That

O Negative

Hearing the Baby

Playing Wolves

Let’s Start With Forever

It’s Renesmee

The Venom

Hearts Failing


Jacob Imprints

You Kill Her You Kill Me

Bella Reborn

Breaking Dawn Score Recording Sessions Conclude

According to Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner, September has been a really busy month as Bill Condon traveled to London to work with Carter Burwell on the Breaking Dawn score. Jack Tweeted the following information:

The score was recorded on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

“*The score is recorded. *I thought you’d be interested in hearing that NEW MOON composer Alexandre Desplat and ECLIPSE composer Howard Shore both happened to be in London this week and stopped by to visit TWILIGHT and BD composer Carter Burwell. The score was recorded at historic Abbey Road Studios still owned by the Beatles. All six STAR WARS scores were recorded there, as were all three LORD OF THE RINGS scores (also by Howard Shore), and at least HARRY POTTER 7