Breaking Dawn Score Recording Sessions Conclude

According to Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner, September has been a really busy month as Bill Condon traveled to London to work with Carter Burwell on the Breaking Dawn score. Jack Tweeted the following information:

The score was recorded on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

“*The score is recorded. *I thought you’d be interested in hearing that NEW MOON composer Alexandre Desplat and ECLIPSE composer Howard Shore both happened to be in London this week and stopped by to visit TWILIGHT and BD composer Carter Burwell. The score was recorded at historic Abbey Road Studios still owned by the Beatles. All six STAR WARS scores were recorded there, as were all three LORD OF THE RINGS scores (also by Howard Shore), and at least HARRY POTTER 7


  1. I can’t wait to hear the score.

  2. Lynne Stringer says

    Welcome back, Carter Burwell! I’ve missed you!

  3. SQUEE!
    You don’t know how happy I am that Mr. Burwell is doing the last score. God, I’m so happy!

  4. I am so glad he is doing the score. I think he really capture the essence of Twilight. I felt like i was in that world listening to his music.

  5. Olympic coven says

    Only he could write Nessie’s lullaby

  6. Olympic coven says

    Only he could write Nessie’s lullaby.

  7. I cannot wait to hear the score Carter has written. I know it will be as beautiful as the one he wrote for the first Twilight film. To record in the famous Air Studios at Abbey Road,is a great honor indeed. Nessie’s lullaby is going to be as hauntingly beautiful as the one for her mother,Bella’s lullaby. Can’t wait to hear the score for both parts of BD.

  8. I get chills just looking at the photo of the studio and knowing that history has been made there time and time again, starting with the Beatles, and now Breaking Dawn. I too can’t wait to hear the extraordinary score for this movie and hear Nessie’s lullaby. There’s nothing like putting the music on your car stereo or putting your ear phones in and listening to sweet musical masterpieces. Bill Condon, you my talented friend are pure genius!

  9. Tina Holewinski says

    That is awesome! This is the stuff that really gets me excited! It’s awesome to kinda have that continuity and a loyalty by Desplat and Shore to stop by and show their support. That’s the shit in life I wish I could see…three musical geniuses shooting the shit…talking shop….uuugghhh. 🙂