Get the Breaking Dawn Score on ITunes!

The Breaking Dawn score by Carter Burwell is now out on ITunes. There are 25 tracks listed. Here are their descriptions. Personally we love the one called “Hearts Failing”. we love that it’s plural symbolizing that Bella’s heart it literally giving out, but that Edward and Jacob’s hearts are being broken at the very same moment.:

The Kingdom Where Nobody

Cold Feet

What You See In the Mirror

Wedding Nightmare

Wolves On the Beach


A Nova Vida

The Threshold



Honeymoon In Eclipse

A Wolf Stands Up

Don’t Choose That

O Negative

Hearing the Baby

Playing Wolves

Let’s Start With Forever

It’s Renesmee

The Venom

Hearts Failing


Jacob Imprints

You Kill Her You Kill Me

Bella Reborn


  1. ” Love death birth ” I love that song. Edward song’s there. That song’s really makes me fly… I love everything about “twilight saga”

  2. You can also download it from Amazon if you don’t have Apple software/electronics. It is a great score to accompany the soundtrack. Having Carter Burwell do this score was genius since he did Twilight and was able to use so many of the same themes and do more original compositions to complement those themses. The music in this film is so romantic yet poingant and I feel really is perfect for what takes place. Love death birth on the soundtrack is so wonderful that I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the score. It brings back all those wonderfull emotions you felt when watching Breaking Dawn.

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    Purchased at 6 am this morning. Already on my Iphone… Delights thus far have been Jacob Imprints, A Wolf Stands Up, and Bella Reborn… 🙂

  4. I really adore Bella Reborn. The reference to Bella’s Lullaby makes me cry every time. My fave moment in that scene is when she recalls Edward saving her from the car, and all those other moments. FIVE STARS

  5. rosedahlia says:

    I got goosebumps when the first song started to play. I can close my eyes and see all the scenes being played out.
    I have a question: Does anyone know what A Nova Vida means? That’s one of my favorites.

  6. Fiona Cullen says:

    A Nova Vida is so beautiful. I wanted to know what the track was as soon as I heard it in the film.
    By the way iTunes is spelt with a lowercase ‘i’.

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