Win a Pair of Sneakers Designed by Boo Boo Stewart

You have to be under 21 to enter this contest being held over at J-14.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star BooBoo Stewart designed a really rad pair of sneaks — and we’ve got two pairs for lucky fashionistas!”

Check out the details here.


  1. Yay Alice says:

    what a shame my kiddo would have liked to enter but we don’t live in the states to bad it isn’t open to Canadins

  2. Yay Alice says:

    that is the a didn’t want to be typed a guess

  3. Omg,,,
    this sucks it should be open for ppl all around the world!!!!!
    i love boo boo,,,
    but i live in canada!!
    Oh well,,,
    i met him at metro 2 days ago hes a ttl sweety,,
    and looks extremely young for his age i thought that he was 14 or 13 but hes 16.
    oh well hes ttly cute and the talk of my scool!!!

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