Interview: What Superheroes Would Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone Be?

Laura had a chance to interview Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, and Ashley Greene at Comic Con. To break up the questions so it wasn’t the same old same old, she broke it up a bit with a Superhero icebreaker: We are currently at Comic Con, the home of western showdowns, superheroes, and action. The end of Breaking Dawn Part 2 is an epic superhero showdown. What superhero reminds you most of your character?

Kellan Lutz: Fighting technique I’d have to say Carnage from the Spider-Man series or Venom. When he gets unleashed, Emmett just tears it up.

Jackson Rathbone: Captain American because of the way he fights, only change it to Captain Texas since that’s Jasper’s roots. In a lot of ways Jasper’s just very technically proficient because he’s done it so many times for just so long. He has a warrior’s mindset. He’s very strong and silent. He’s very quiet. There’s not a lot of superheroes that are very quiet. A lot superheroes are very (in a deep booming voice) “Take that bad guy!” Being clever plays here (points to head) Jasper is much more get it done without the talk. He is a man of few words. You mentioned Westerns. Jasper is the ultimate Clint Eastwood he never blinks.

Ashley Greene: I don’t know. Catwoman, maybe. Catherine Hardwicke made us all take cat lessons for Twilight. Alice is very stealth and nimble.

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  1. lol kellan’s putting it out there. He actually plays a pretty good god-figure, so I would say he could make a good Orion if Superman ever did a Darkseid movie.

    Ashley would be a pretty cool Fire from the Dc universe, like the human torch only green (funny connection too).

    Jackson would make a good Robin/ Nightwing maybe if they ever make a reboot Batman series for the Justice League.

  2. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Still writing awesome columns, Laura!


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