Which Non-Twilight Movie Are You Most Excited to See

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a number of films that are about to come out that aren’t Twilight related. For the first time, you have them each doing one that could be classified as a niche indie and one that could go under mainstream studio. Vote and tell us what you want to see most and why in the comments. We’ll feature other cast members projects later this week.


  1. “There comes a time when you need to close the bedroom door.” Joan Collins

    • Agree, I seriously doubt that I’ll see anything other than SWATH, and not just because it is very unlikely the other films will make it to our local theater.

    • Jill Lawson says:

      The movie I’m most looking forward to is ‘Tracers’ starring Taylor Lautner. Have I missed mention of it since Twilight Lexicon has posted on everyone else’s projects?

  2. SWATH because it is a strong young woman warrior, some magical elements, both the light and dark sides from the trailers look really good, and not R rated.

  3. I’ll probably see them all at some point, but maybe not in the theater. I’m most excited for SWATH and Cosmopolis. I read Cosmopolis and didn’t like it much, but it was probably because the writing was not as easy to read as I would have liked. I think the story will play out better visually than it did in the book and I want to see Rob as Eric Packer, which is a completely different character than he’s played before.

  4. Snow White is the only one I’m likely to see. The rest don’t look like anything I’d enjoy, and I’m not a huge fan of either Rob or Kristen – not enough to go see a movie only because they’re in it.

  5. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Man, I can’t believe the low interest in Bel Ami, that’s my second choice, and not just for the Pretty. Are y’all being honest?

  6. mommios says:

    I have watched Bel Ami several times. Love it. Its such a fun movie to watch and moves along quickly. Its so fun to see how Georges just keeps coming back time after time. Love the soundtrack too.

  7. Definitely SWATH. The others don’t really appeal to me.

  8. I really can’t choose. I have become a fan of both of them as actors. I’m looking forward to all of them! And also looking forward in seeing where there careers go.

  9. Tammy Votrain says:

    I will see them all. Can’t wait to see what else they can do. I loved Rob in Remember Me and Water for Elephants:)

  10. Snow White & the Huntsman! It just looks so badass, I love the way Charlize Theron talks through out the trailers and Chris Hemsworth is absolutely yummy, lol.

  11. I’m excited to see Kristen and Rob play Anastasia and Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey. Even though it’s not been decided, a girl can hope, right?

  12. Snow White is my vote, because it simply looks kick ass! I am wondering how Kristin will deliver this ‘new’ Snow White, and I love Charlize Theron, and Chris Helmsworth.

    I will eventually see the others too. They all look like good movies with interesting stories to tell. I am really hopefully Bel Ami is good! I love period films!! Cosmopolous looks like a bit of a wild ride, I hope I can keep up with it. On The Road looks like a classic, like the book.

  13. I’ve seen Bel Ami,which was very good. Great to see Rob play a somewhat villainous role for a change. I can’t wait to see SWATH,Cosmopolis and On the Road. It’s hard to decide,when there are so many cool films to look forward to.

  14. I know for sure dh & I are gonna see SWaTH. He said it looks good, plus he loves anything with Charlize Theron! Love Chris Helmsworth as Thor, so eye candy for both of us! Not sure about Bel Ami or Cosmopolis, really depends what else comes out at the same time, as there are several other movies on our list that we’ll likely see before those two (Prometheus for one)

  15. I’m excited about The Host actually, not planning on watching any more Robert or Kristen movies after BD

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