Video: Saoirse Ronan Talks The Host Reaching Twilight Levels Of Fame

At a gallery last night, Saorise Ronan talks about The Host and whether she feels she life will be like that of Kristen Stewart and Twilight cast members.

Saoirse also told the Irish Herald that she has home comforts on the set:

The budding A-lister, who travels all over the world, divulged she even packs a plastic bag in her suitcase stuffed with Barry’s Tea and crisps whenever she goes abroad on a shoot.

“Every single film set I go to I have things from home like that with me… It still tastes different though, it’s never a proper Irish cup of tea unfortunately.”

And there was a panic when the starlet ran out of her supply on set in Louisiana, where she filmed Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s new flick The Host.

“We ran out of teabags over there so we had to get loads more sent over and any Irish person visiting New Orleans was ordered to bring some with them. It’s very important.”


  1. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen says:

    I actually don’t think she will be so popular and famous like Kristen Stewart. Twilight was very popular because of Edward, Bella and Jacob and this made the stars famous. The Host isn’t that known and even Twihards don’t like this book sooo much.Twilight was an extra-ordinary story with a human girl, vampire boy and a werewolfe–a love triangle. So I don’t think The Host is going to ”explode” like Twilight did in 2008. Don’t understand me wrong, I have nothing against The Host-cast 🙂

    • Am a HUGE!!! twi-hard and i know many Twi-hards that like The Host to. An if you know the story line it’s really AMAZING!! 🙂

      • CeliAmbre says:

        Yes, and even though maybe The Host won’t explode (although it is appropriate for a huge audience), I do think that Saoirse will really establish herself in comparison with KStew because there are so many people, Twi-hards and non-Twi-hards, that don’t like Kristen Stewart/her acting.

        • She is already a big star The Host might just take her feather 🙂

          • You never know The Host might they have a really great cast with some amazing actors and the story is so amazing 🙂

        • Saoirse is already a big name in the movie industry, she’s been nominated to pretty much everything Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA (twice and she’s only 18!), Critic’s Choice Award and others I don’t think she needs The Host to establish herself. Whether The Host will do as well as Twilight, that’s another story me thinks

  2. I don’t remember any car rolls in the book!

    Sounds exciting.

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