Stephenie Meyer’s Production Company Options Down a Dark Hall

Stephenie Meyer’s production company has optioned their second venture, and Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is looking to get involved. Their first was the yet to be released Austenland by Shannon Hale that shot last summer in England.

According to Variety

“Twilight” scribe Stephenie Meyer and Meghan Hibbett’s Fickle Fish Films have optioned young-adult suspense tome “Down a Dark Hall” by novelist Lois Duncan and will produce a feature-film adaptation.

Duncan’s 1974 novel revolves around Blackwood boarding school and its mysterious students. Ensnared in the chilling world is new student Kit Gordy, who must unravel Blackwood’s haunted and tragic history before it’s too late. “Twilight” producer Wyck Godfrey is also in talks to produce.

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You can follow Lois Duncan here on Twitter @duncanauthor She’s also probably best known for the novel/movie adaptations I Know What You Did Last Summer and Hotel For Dogs

Perhaps this is one the their joint projects that Wyck Godfrey almost spilled the beans on when we interviewed him on the Eclipse red carpet!

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  1. i wonder if stephenie will produce. i mean it might be great, but hope she takes her time with her films.

  2. This is awesome!! When I read this book, close to 30 years ago, I loved it! It set me down the road to read the other Lois Duncun books. A couple of those books have been turned into movies (I Know What You Did Last Summer and Kill Mr. Griffiin), but they were turned into horror movies, and received R ratings.
    I really hope with Stephenie behind this, it will keep it’s Teen rating (pg13), and will be as eerie, suspencful and fantastic as the book.
    No, it’s not a Twilight repeat. The romance in this book is on the back burner. It’s nothing compared to the main story of a orphan girl who is literally haunted by death of important people in her life (trying not to give spoilers).
    Read the book if you haven’t yet!

  3. Amazing, this was one of my favorite books in 4th grade, in 1979!!! Stephenie and I must have been separated at birth! I am THRILLED she is going to take this on!

  4. more twilight, or backstories on the characters!

  5. continuation of twilight or backstories of the characters


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