New Image of Wanderer from The Host

Open Road Films has released a new photo of Saoirse Ronan as Wanderer (Wanda) from The Host.  How do we know it’s Wanda and not Melanie?  Check out the eyes!  Leave us a comment and tell us if you think the effect with the eyes is how you pictured it or not.


  1. I’m loving this… I can’t wait to see this adaptation. The eyes are amazing, I suppose they’ll do something else about enhancing the eyes a bit more in post-production. But I’m really excited about this. 🙂

  2. Perfect!

  3. Yes, I knew it would be a challenge, but the eyes are great. But in the book she’s really bronzed from the sun, not ivory. Oh well all around she looks like Wanderer, just not as tough as Melanie.

  4. Actually, its amazingly spot on! Thats exactly how I pictured it!

  5. She’s going to be amazing !

  6. Lynne Stringer says

    It’s pretty much exactly as I imagined it! It’s great to have a movie release to look forward to after all the Twilight ones are out!

  7. I thought you could only see the ring in the eyes if you shined a light directly in them, but I guess for effect with the film version, they may have to make it visible all the time. Or maybe it’s just for the promotional pictures. Either way is fine with me – I’m sure Stephenie knows what she’s doing.

    • My thoughts are the same

    • Agreed – it seems a bit in-your-face to me. I mean if they all walked around like that humans would have noticed something was up pretty quick.
      As others mentioned though, they’re probably highlighting it for promotional material.

    • Agree, it isn’t quite what I was hoping for. Even in Twilight, with the red contacts, they are really hard to notice on screen. This is even more subtle, because lots of people do actually have pale gray eyes.

      The contact-lens approach, which has appeared in requests for extras (‘must be able to wear contact lenses”) is understandable yet somewhat disappointing. I envisioned something like a cat at night, but more so — like an obvious reflection, perhaps with a Michael Bay lens-flare thing, or like when Edward’s skin reflections in the later films, where the light is extending out from him.

      So, hopefully, there will be some special effects added to the contact lens things.

    • I’m pretty sure they have silver ring in their eyes all the time.
      Reasons to make me think this …
      – They use Wanda to get supplies from the main towns because she’s visibly a soul. Without this noticeable look in their eyes, why couldn’t the humans do this and just pretend to act like a soul?
      – Although she’s in a human body they all still act differently around her, yes because they know she’s a soul, but she must have something that makes her look physically different.
      – Pretty sure during the book she mentions how the humans in the cave must be looking at the silver behind her eyes …

      This is just my personal thoughts and thought I’d add it and see if anyone agrees 🙂

  8. I am not sure yet on how I feel about them. Guess will have to see how they are in the movie

  9. Exactly what I imagined!

  10. I think it looks fantastic, and Saoirse Ronan is gorgeous.

  11. I love it! Perfect. It’s understated enough that you wouldn’t notice it, but bright enough that if you shined a light on their eyes, you’d be able to see it clearly.

    Since Stephenie was so involved in the decisions made for this movie, it’s probably also the way she meant it to look!

  12. I love it! almost exactly howbi pictured it in the book! Where can someone buy contacts to make their eyes look like this?

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