Behind the Scenes Video Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene Rehearse The Dance

Remember that swing dancing routine in Breaking Dawn? Here you can see Jackson Rathbone and Ashely Greene putting in the off-screen rehearsal time with choreographer Paul Becker.

If you want to know more about Paul Becker (who has choreographed tons of TV shows, awards shows, and movies) check out our exclusive interview with him.

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  1. How sweet…:)

  2. You can really see how at ease they are with each other. Maybe it’s just me romantasizing, but they look like good friends.

  3. Eternal Love says

    Love it! I know it’s “just a movie” but seeing this makes me giggle with happy anyway!

  4. Twilghtishh says

    Haha, how cool

  5. @Jody Lynn Petrella

    I think the Lex would be the perfect instrument for this interview, too! I am so curious what SM thinks about Fifty Shades. Of course, she probably won’t publicly comment on it, but she may surprise us.

    How about it Lexicon?

  6. I loved the Jasper/Alice swing dance in BD part 1. I’m glad Jackson and Ashley are good friends and it shows onscreen as well that they get on well off camera. This rehearsal footage is great. I wish they had included it on the dvd.

  7. Kelly M. says


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