Twilight Lexicon Interview: Paul Becker: Breaking Dawn Choreographer

Paul Becker is the Breaking Dawn Part 1 choreographer who did the wedding choreography, not an easy job with a large cast! He chatted with us about the experience.

How did you score the Breaking Dawn job?
From what I heard…Bill Condon was passed a pile of demo reels and he chose me! I had worked with him on the film Chicago prior as a dancer. Funny thing is he put me in the wedding scene. I got to set and the handed me a suit and suddenly I’m in the film. It was sweet.

Was it difficult choreographing people who are more actors than dancers?
NEVER! I am so used to it because of my film experience. I learn just to pull from their strengths and choreograph and mold to that. It is the only way to make it work. What scared me more was the fact that they were vampires!

Jackson Rathbone talked about incorporating a swing dance element with Ashley Greene. What can you tell us about that collaboration?
They were my two strongest dancers. Jackson has a theatre background and Ashley has a gymnastic background. We even did a flip in there.

Did you have any input into the music that was used, and once you heard the music was it more of a challenge than you thought?
Bill Condon and I listened to various tracks…but ultimately he chose. One of the songs that Taylor slow dances to is sooooo beautiful.

Who was the surprisingly talented dancer in the bunch?
I was actually impressed at Jackson Rathbone and Anna Kendrick. Natural everything.

Anyone with two left feet?
YES….But he worked so hard and he found his feet and did amazing! If I say his name he will kill me! Or bite me.

Did the weather and locations make your job easier or harder?
It was pouring rain on the big dance day…It was freezing and we shot it at 5am! Last day of filming.

Where are other screen and TV moments where we can see you work?
I just wrapped Julia Roberts film called “Mirror Mirror”, ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”, and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3”. Check me out at or Twitter: paulbecker79

Where did you train and how did you get into movie choreography?
I trained in Canada and Vegas. I do all styles of dance and love it. I got my first big break dancing in the film Chicago, and I moved into my first choreography gig by being in the right place as I was dancing with Kate Bekensale for a commercial and the choreographer didn’t show up, so I jumped in.

What else is coming up for you in the future?
I am in talks right now to work on “Canada’s Got Talent”….I am writing and developing new projects. I also have like 10 films to be released next year….I need a vacation.

Check out the demo of some of Paul’s work below.

Paul Becker’s Choreography from Paul Becker on Vimeo.


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