Stephenie Meyer Updates Her Website For First Time In Almost A Year

Stephenie Meyer just updated her website today. She has information on each of her upcoming film projects: Breaking Dawn 2, The Host, and Austenland.

Here is a pretty good visual of where I usually was instead. Note the thirteen layers of weather protection. In my very limited experience, watching movies being made is almost always a cold, wet business.

Since I’ve been M.I.A. so long, I thought I would do a little “my summer vacation” essay for those who are interested—though it’s really a “my last whole year away making movies” essay, with occasional camera phone illustrations.

I’m going to break this down into three separate pages, as my time has been spread across a few different projects. Click the links to visit the pages you’re interested in:

Check it out on Pictured with Stephenie is her partner in her new production company, Fickle Fish Films, Megan Hibbet.

The major item of note that is buried in the last paragraph on The Host page is this
, “So the busyness will not be ending anytime soon with all three projects currently ongoing. I’m hoping to get a little writing done at the same time, but writing on set has proved an elusive goal for me in the past year. I’m looking forward to this May, when I will officially be home for good and back here at my computer where I like to be best.”


  1. Can’t wait to see what she writes next !

  2. “I actually have no idea what all is on it, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for some of my favorite scenes that didn’t make it into the movie.”

    Laura, can you shed some light on this quote???? Is there a blu ray/ DVD that has deleted or extended scenes that we all don’t know about?

    • Twilight_News says

      I have no additional info.

    • i have the bluray copy, there aren’t any on there either. i heard a theory that they made the dvd so fast they couldn’t put it on there in time. sounds a little silly to me. maybe they’ll include them on BD 2 dvd?

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

      My guess is that they didn’t put any deleted/extended scenes on this set because Bill Condon might want to use them in Part 2.

  3. So excited to hear that she is about to start writing again!!!

  4. YAY about time!!!

  5. Michele Dwinell says

    Oh, Stephenie…you can write anything you want, and you know we will devour it! I will always be in love with “Twilight” and if there’s ever any MORE where that came from, I’ll be a happy camper! Right now I’m re-reading “The Host”, and I’m dragging it out because I don’t want it to end (again!). I’m currently visiting my daughter in Utah and whenever we are driving in areas with unusual, rocky mountainous formations I wonder who’s up in there hiding out…? 😉 Whatever you do, you just work your magic and we’ll be there for you. Promise. No pressure, or anything…

  6. I loved the Host it was the first of your books that i read I write myself not for others but for me. I think its cool that her bro helps with the site it just shows he cares

  7. wow, i loved what she said about BD 1 & 2. i got the bluray copy today and loved watching most of it already! it’s interesting that stephenie didn’t know there weren’t going to be any deleted scenes (from what she said on her site). i hope they put them in on the BD 2 special features. sounds like there are some and that they are some of her favorites!

    p.s. i love farkle! but we call it zilch. it is a really fun dice game. that was fun hearing that she played that with cast members. 🙂

    • :It was my contentment cimnog across your site a short while ago. I arrived here just now hoping to find out interesting things. I was not disappointed. Your ideas for new methods on this subject material were useful and a terrific help to my family. Thank you for leaving out time to write down these things plus for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Reading her thoughts on Renesmee’s nursery makes me excited to see it. (I never thought about that as something I’m looking forward to, but now I am.)

    I can’t wait till we get pics from The Host. I can’t wait to see how they’re going to turn it into a film. It seems like it’d be a hard one to do!

    I read Austenland recently because of Stephenie being involved w/the movie. I liked it & can’t wait to see that one as a movie too.

  9. I just read everything, and it’s so amazing to hear her words again!
    The funniest thing was “watching Noel and Guri sing classic Madonna in Romanian accents and full costume.” I nearly died at the mental image.

  10. Steph! I read the comments on your site that it would be sad for all “this” to be over. Honey, it doesn’t have to be. When you get ready to finish Midnight Sun, we’ll still be here ready to devour it! And of course, if you get ready to give us Edward’s (or Alice’s, etc) perspective on any of the other books . . . Can’t wait for you to have time to write something new and wonderful for us to read!!!

  11. Happy to hear Steph is at least thinking of writing again and considering making updates to her page. I love her work & wish her well, however, I can’t help but feel a good deal of abandonment as a fan and loyal customer/supporter/ new fan recruiter. I check her official page all the time for updates — any tidbit of information. I had decided that her official website was officially abandoned along with her fans. I understand about being a busy mom and career woman but seriously you have the means & resources to do better by your fans.

    Now, that’s off my chest, you go girl! Get your write on! Whatever your next project, we got your back!


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