Vote Kristen Stewart To Win E! Leading Lady of the Year & Pattinson vs Depp Battle

As we have been reporting, E! has several polls going on a celebrity of the year thing. There are all sorts of divisions male, female, singers, actors, etc. Anyway, Kristen Stewart has now made it into the Leading Lady Final Round where she is matched against Mila Kunis. The winner then moves into the over all finals where the ultimate winner will get to pick a charity, and E! will donate $25,000 to that charity.

Let’s try to get as many Twilight actors into this final round as possible.

Vote for Kristen Here

Meanwhile Rob is in a really tough battle in the men’s division with Johnny Depp. Vote for Rob here.

Lastly, Rob knocked out Taylor Launter in a previous round. Now we can bring Taylor back in the wildcard position to compete in the overall finals. Here are the instructions on how to do that.

We’re opening up a Wild Card round and letting you choose who should come in!

Just click the hashtag button below and write in your choice (or just tweet it out using the #celeboftheyear hashtag). We’ll count the votes, and on Dec. 22, put four new (or previously knocked out) players into the final round. This is your chance! Make sure your favorite celeb is in the running!

Tweet:     [Insert celeb name] is my Wild Card pick! #CelebOfTheYear


  1. Eternal Love says:

    The link for voting for Kristen takes you to the “leading men” page, not the “leading women” page.

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