Robert Pattinson Squares Off Against Johnny Depp: Votes Needed!

In their ongoing E! Celebrity of the Year battle, Robert Pattinson took out Taylor Lautner in the last round. Let’s hope that Taylor comes back in one of the wildcard slots next week! However what’s more important right now is that Robert Pattinson is currently squaring off against Johnny Depp and needs your vote to clear into the final round on the men’s side where he’ll face either Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds.

Go vote! The ultimate winner gets to pick a charity that will received $25,000 from E!, so the voting is really important here as charity dollars are at stake!

Also don’t forget to vote on the ladies side for Kristen Stewart who is currently squaring off against Emma Stone.


  1. Hi I choose Robert P. all the way he is a great Actor. His Acting in the Twilight Movies were amazing and GREAT! Bye!

  2. Ok….why can’t it be both? Too hard to choose between yummy and yummy.

  3. I love them both!

  4. Johnny who? ,he has become a hollywood moneywhore. Rob all the way !

  5. Robert ALL the way baby! Now if they are going by acting chops then yeah i would have to choose JD but Robert hands down. Robert always beat Taylor in everything when they go up against each other in these silly contests. Taylor losses not only to Robert but other actors as well. If people can just get over the whole “abs” thing they will see he is not all that hot. sorry but it is true. Take the abs away and dont think the word HOT will be associated with him that often. Sexy is more than a six pack. Just look at Mick Jagger. He is UGLY but has always gotten the girls. I bet if you but him and Taylor in the same room Mick Jagger would still get all the girls.

  6. Johnny Depp wins i just don’t like rob one bit not even the twilight saga. I mean sparkling vampires really!?!

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