Breaking Dawn Should Hit 200 Million Mark By End of Weekend

Chart via Box Office Mojo

In in its entire theatrical run, Twilight didn’t get to the 200 million mark. In fairness it’s a mark that few movies, even franchise movies, ever obtain. Breaking Dawn is on course to manage this feat in 8 or 9 days after its release. If it manages it in 8 days it ties New Moon. If it manages it in 9 days it ties Eclipse.

From there it is a race to see if it can grab the highly elusive 300 million mark that few movies ever reach. Eclipse managed to reach this mark; however, it was released in IMAX which commands higher ticket prices. In case you are wondering why Breaking Dawn isn’t in IMAX it’s because the Happy Feet 3D movie is using all of those screens.

Regardless, Breaking Dawn is going to easily be a top ten movie this year even considering the upcoming Christmas release films. It may even be able to grab a top five spot.

Numbers right now will be estimates until Monday. Going by previous franchise history, the actual numbers should be slightly higher.


  1. I guess this is what twilight can focos on…..QUANTITIY and not QUALITIY .

    Like it or not the Critics matters….a critical reception is what makes movies timeless…the twilight film are laughable and they will be mocked in 10 yrs

    TRANSFORMERS makes money yet the films are in the worst list ever…breaking dawn is on the sme part.

    • This is actually kind of funny . . . the last Transformers movie made more money than the first 7 Harry Potters, too, dude, lol. Did you go hate on them for that? If Twilight isn’t going to beat Harry Potter, why waste your time here??

      Why the hate? I dislike the Transformers, too, but I’m not childish enough to go onto a Transformers fan site and make fun of the movies. So it’s not my thing (shrugs). Harry Potter isn’t everyone’s thing, and neither is Twilight. I don’t get Star Trek either, but this is a great big world with a lot of different people with different likes and dislikes, and I’m happy to know that there’s something out there for everyone.

      It makes people happy to have something to see that they enjoy, and there’s too little happiness out there these days.

      And I’m sorry that the only way you can find happiness is by leeching the joy out of something else.

    • go be a hater somewhere else!!! what is it about twilight that scares you so much you feel the need to try and ruin it for people who like it???
      ,GET A LIFE!!

  2. I guess this is what twilight can focus on…QUANITITY not QULAITY

    Box office dont last…..all the twilight films are badly rated…they will be laughed at and mocked in ten years.

    like it or not CRITICS MATTER…..A criticial reception are what makes films a classic or turkey.

    transformers makes money yet the films are all awful..TWILIGHT MOVIES ARE ON THE SAME PART.


    Look at oscar winning films…THEY RE NOT CERITIFED ROTTEN on ROTTEN TOMATOES

    • Oscar winning films nearly ALWAYS suck. No one ever goes to see them.

      • Well I see a lot of Oscar winning movies, because I enjoy going to the movies but you are right, most of them do SUCK. I really enjoy Twilight though!

    • I suggest you check out these links:

      The critics don’t always get it right. They are paid to give an opinion, and we’re all free to agree or disagree with those opinions. I personally don’t give a lot of credence to reviews, as I find that a lot of the time the movies I enjoy are ones the critics hate.

      I’m not saying that the Twilight movies are going to be considered examples of classic cinema 10 or 20 years from now, but I won’t see or not see a movie based soley on the reviews it gets (good or bad). I’ll make up my own mind.

    • if the critics say it’s bad, then sure it’s bad… TO THEM. But these movies are not made to please critics or haters. These movies are made to be enjoyed by THE FANS! In fact, all of the fans or people from the movie would say the same thing, we don’t take pleasure in forcing you to like this saga as much as we do but we would respect you to not force US to dislike it. Being a fan of Twilight is the same as being a fan of anything, there’s no difference. we acknowledge and accept that some people don’t like these movies, we see that a lot of people like others phenomenons better. But i am a twi-hard and i’m not ashamed to say that. the success of the movies and books is not dependant on critics and haters, otherwise we wouldn’t be on the fourth movie! Fans love it and that is all that really matters. i would suspect you’d have the curtesy to let us love the twilight saga and leave it alone. But unfortunately some people are too dumb and cruel that they must find joy in the dissapointment of others. Well get this… you WILL NOT get that satisfaction out of me.

    • Hey mon, if you’re going to try to offend at least learn how to spell Quality

  3. Did you read the books? It came the closest to telling the story. It is hard to keep this movie pg-13 & please everyone. I think the millions of twilight fans don’t count in some “critics” estimation. My suggestions is go see it ….. Over and over again!

  4. you know byrd girl, people have said that about EVERY twilight movie and they are always proven wrong, so you might wanna just shut your face, get lost, and be a whiny complainer somewhere else!!

  5. Victoria Cullen Chmiel says:

    All the critics say the movies suck. I have loved all the movies ESPECIALLY Breaking Dawn p.1 and I think that they are awesome. I’m really tired of hearing Twihaters going off about Kristen Stewart’s lameness, and the how they think the whole plot of Twilight is stupid. It gets me quite angry. I respect other people’s opinions, but enough is enough, you know? Oh and BTW Twihaters (you know who you are), why are you @ fan websites like the lex, WHEN YOUR CLEARLY NOT A FAN?? I agree that the Twilight movies don’t derserve to win academy awards, but I do think that the acting is phenomenal, and so are the books and the movies. When it comes to the critics, there are good reveiws and bad reviews. And I dont give a crap about Rotten Tomatoes, because most of the grumpy, grouchy old critics on that site aren’t Twilhards.

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