Best Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Videos Back Online

Remember last week when what we classified as the best videos from the press junket were online for 10 hours and then oddly deleted? Well they are back.


  1. You’re right. Those were great interviews. She asked fantastic questions, and as a result received indepth answers. bravo go Ms Wolf.

  2. I agree, these are the best interviews that I have viewed. The interviewer did a great job that the actors looked calm and was able to enjoy answering the questions. You can see how much Kristen has grown up during this time. She seems more relaxed giving interviews and I am happy for her. Great job interviewing, good quality videos.

  3. These interviews are seriously great! One of the best set of well thought out answers, which speaks very highly of the questions.

    Kristen does seem much more natural answering the questions, which is nice to see. Rob, of course, is pure, welcome eye candy. 😉

    Thanks for posting these again!

  4. Great interview!!

    Did anyone notice that Rob and Kristen are wearing similar shirts? LOL

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