Special Twilight Themed Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle Trailer to Air In Front Of Breaking Dawn

Earlier this week there was wide speculation that there would be a Hunger Games trailer in front of Breaking Dawn Part 1. Now it seems that TV shows targeting the same demographic are getting in on the action. According to Hypable:

The CW is targeting the Twilight audience with a new cinematic trailer for its Thursday night lineup, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle!

It’s not a dumb move, considering the similar subject matter, but perhaps the timing (both shows go on hiatus after tonight) is a bit off.

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Just like we asked with the Hunger Games, are you a fan of those series? Do you think a trailer will draw people in to watch who are not hooked on it yet?

If you are looking for coverage on The Hunger Games, The Vampire Diaries, or The Secret Circle you can get it on Hypable.


  1. I love Vampire Diaries because it can relate to Twilight in the replacement of a another vampire rather than a wolf. I like Secret Circle is much the long the lines of Harry Potter, witch and wizards. Love Vampire Diaries its raunchy and Sexy. Secret Circle is to much mean girls with the characters,

  2. I watch Vamp Diaries, and I have to say it’s a little lame they’re trying to bring in a new audience for an episode that should be pretty complicated and which will end the season for a few months. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Also, it would be a deterrent for someone to tune into this week’s episode for the first time, since they’ll probably be pretty lost on the characters, the relationships involved, etc.

    What they should be doing is promoting the STUFF out of the fact that Vamp Diaries is on Netflix now, so viewers can start from scratch and catch up. Silly, silly.

  3. love VD but havent ever watched secret circle.

  4. Annie Simmons says:

    I watch them both failthfully as well; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I like what PP Amanda B. said about steering potential viewers to the first season of TVD. I had never seen VD until this summer, and I watched all episodes and was caught up by the time the fall season 3 started. If you haven’t watched TVD or TSS, I really recommend both!!

  5. I like Vampire Diaries but not nearly as much as Twilight. Caroline is the best character. TVD has a campier and soapier vibe than Twilight. My favorite vampire TV series: Moonlight.

    I was disappointed by Secret Circle. The Craft still rules when it comes to young adult witches.

  6. Nah, VD sucks. It’s so ridiculously obvious how they ripped off Twilight, down to a main character that has physical characteristics just like Bella (except nowhere near as beautiful, of course). And the acting is excruciatingly bad. And if they have to air a “cinematic trailer” to try to lure us into watching they obviously haven’t siphoned off the large faction of our fan base that that one article alleges. You know, the article that says BD will “end with a whimper”.

    • The Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight though and plus of course all the elemental supernatural things are going to be the same from mythical history books; if anything they all ripped off Dracula by Bram Stoker and just made it “romantic”. Twilight is alright but I have to say The Vampire Diaries has a more deeper intrigue and exciting storyline.

  7. I love TVD i am watching it tonight.I do like twilight better.Secret circle is ok but im more into vampires and werewolves.

  8. Ugh. Just ugh. I used to like The Vampire Diaries, but not anymore. I don’t even know why I still watch it. People make fun of Twilight and praise it. I just don’t get it. I mean, the show’s nothing like the books (I’ve read all the books and seen all the episodes). And the show copies off of Twilight.

    Before anyone bites my head off, need I remind anyone that the night NM came out, Stefan was “leaving” Elena. And then Bonnie assures her Stefan wouldn’t have left without saying goodbye, Elena’s all like, “Yes he would. To protect me. It’d be a clean break.” Twilight and New Moon quotes, anyone?

    And then, this season, Elena didn’t want an eighteenth birthday party, but Caroline through one anyway and forced her to go. And then Elena, like Bella, doesn’t like getting presents. Grr!

    Elena is NOT supposed to be selfless and risking her lives for others. They’re just making her Bella. Elena was rather bratty, actually.

    I hate every character except Damon. I just can’t take it anymore! And all the amazing “dramatic” moments, I find laughable. Like when Bonnie “died”, it was so obvious it was a ruse. And it ticks me off that Stefan’s done so much worse than Damon, but everyone forgives him. Do they let Damon live it down? No.

    And what the heck is up with all the stupid parties and town anniversaries every episode? That’s really unrealistic.

    Sorry. Hope I didn’t offend anyone. But I just needed to rant. As I said, I used to be a fan, but I hate what they did to the books and show.

  9. Love Vampire Diaires. Much sexier and edgier than the Twilight Saga ever was/will be. Especially since Twilight has to cater to its child audience (who really shouldn’t be watching/reading the series to begin with, IMHO)

  10. Don’t watch either shows and don’t plan to.

  11. I agree with Amanda on this. TVD aims more at the young adult demo while TW seems to go for more of the tween demo. Personally I’m surprised they’ve opted just to do the TVD/TSC ad in front of BD1 and haven’t included Supernatural (still the network’s redheaded stepchild) in there. And honestly, the CW isn’t for the tween market if you’ve seen the ads for Gossip Girl.

    I watch both shows regularly but the only thing that sorta irks me about TVD is the Edward/Bella vibe I’ve gotten with the casting of Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev as Stefan and Elena. Elena is supposta be blonde dang it.

    But the trailer attached to the front of BD for both TVD and TSC isn’t enough of a reason for me to drop some money on seeing BD in theaters given Summit’s chosen marketing route for it that’s turned me off and my own personal (negative) opinion of the last book.

  12. To anyone saying that the VD is a ripoff of Twilight:
    Check your resources, seriously. The Vampire Diaries books came out way before Twilight was even thought of, so if anything, Twilight is a ripoff of the Vampire Diaries. These series are completely different anyway! The only thing in common is that there are vampires and werewolves, and a love story. People need to get their facts straight before talking crap.

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