Hunger Games Trailer to Appear in Front of Breaking Dawn?

For those of you who have been in the fandom awhile you might remember the movie Penelope and its DVD. It was significant because it was the first time we would see Twilight footage as an extra on that DVD. Lots of people who were otherwise not that interested in the movie went and rented it to see the DVD extras. They came away James McAvoy fans…but I digress.

There was lots of debate in 2008 where the first trailer would be. Do you remember bets on it running in front of The Dark Knight? In any case, one of the things that came out at that time was a debate on whether fans would go to the movies just to see a trailer in front of a film they might not have been that interested in.

Hypable is reporting that:

The evidence towards a trailer arriving with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 continues to stack up. Today a photo of a sheet of paper allegedly being given to theaters requests that a “full length trailer” be put in front of Breaking Dawn.

The paper notes that the trailer is 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length (the same as the trailer approved in Canada last week) and should be included with “every print of Twilight in your theaters.”

They also have an image as proof.

Now there is definitely a huge crossover between Hunger Games fans and Twilight fans, but do you think Hunger Games fans who aren’t Breaking Dawn fans will show up just to see a trailer? On the other hand, do you think Twilight fans who have not read The Hunger Games books will get sucked into Hunger Games from seeing a trailer in front of Breaking Dawn? For that matter what other trailers do you think might be in front of Breaking Dawn?


  1. I greatly enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy but I don’t think they have a fan base that’s even 1/10th of our fan base. I don’t think anyone is so desperate to see the HG trailer that they’d go see BD just to see it. I’m boycotting the HG movies anyway because of all the miscasting. Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? And since when did Katniss and Gale become white? Anyway, can’t wait till BD!

    • Seriously? Boycotting a movie for casting someone who YOU don’t think should have been cast? Really mature. I always thought Gale and Katniss were white, so that’s not a big deal. I thought Cinna was white too, but I’m not going to boycott a movie TONS of people worked really hard on because the character’s were ‘miscast.’ Suzanne Collins loves them, and helped write the script. Your boycotting her too then. Just saying. I’m glad Cinna’s black btw, makes it even more diverse imo and Lenny Kravitz is awesome. And believe me, there are quite a few fans going to see BD from the comment sections of HG fansites for the trailer.

  2. Hunger Games is by far a superior series to twilight..Twilight is clihe at best ,marketed towards teen girls,..Hunger Games like Harry Potter has a very high critical reception.Twilight does not.

    • Victoria Cullen Chmiel says

      I think that you are mistaken. Twilight has a FAR larger fan base than the Hunger Games, and people of all ages enjoy it. i am not saying twilight is the best, because I agree with the world that Harry Potter is by far better. You need to get your figures straight, and Twilight is far better written than the Hunger Games.

      • You need to pay better attention when reading comments. She wasn’t saying that THG had a larger fan base; she said it has “a very high critical reception,” and is “far superior to Twilight” in that people respect it as being a much better piece of literature than Twilight is. While I will admit the style of writing didn’t extremely impress me in THG (hey, it’s aimed at YA, which I no longer am), I will say that the plot and conflicts are much more complex, mature, thought-provoking, and better written than Twilight is. This is a series that actually gets you thinking, and since I’m studying to be a teacher, I believe it could actually be used in a classroom because it challenges readers in thinking about important issues unlike Twilight which promotes nothing but cliches and girls becoming unhealthily dependent on boyfriends. Not only that, but THG’s characters aren’t Mary Sue’s, and not everyone gets a goody to shoes ending like in Twilight; that’s a huge thing that ruined BD for me. There was no sacrifice whatsoever that any of the characters had to make. It truly was written like a fanfiction; in fact I have read better fanfiction than any of the Twilight books in the entire series.

  3. As a fan of both series I think that would be awesome.

  4. Thats cool. I was planning on reading these so I would like to see what it is about. Can’t wait for the BD Premire… just reread the books for the 100x. hahaha 11:59 pm!!! (a whole day – more like a minute but it is the 17 – earlier!!!!)

  5. Oh m gee
    what if part 2 of breakng dawn will show up as a surprise???

    That would be so flipping awesome!!!

    • That’s random and ridiculous. Why woul they show part two before they show part one? Common sense, people.

  6. I like the series but I’m not crazy about it or really care for new footage.


    Saying Twilight is better written than the hunger games is silly, READ THE REVIEWS FOR THE BOOKS,Many twilght fans even even said BREAKING DAWN reads like fanfiction.

  8. I love The Hunger Games. I don’t see how Twilight fans could not be sucked into reading the books. The first book is by far the best, and if you read the first one and like it, you know you’re going to read the second and third books. Both sets of books are YA books, so I can clearly see why they would put this trailer in at the Breaking Dawn movie. What a better way to expand the fan base, especially if they add a bit of the love triangle in… how could Twilight fans not be a little curious.

  9. While some people are saying that Hunger Games only has a tenth of Twilight’s fanbase *coughfirstcommentcough* you have to realize that Twilight is aimed for a certain group (hormonally charged teenaged girls and some 9 to 12 year olds who think they’re mature enough to read about passion and sex). Hunger Games is more for all genders 12 and up.

    • Brandi Rose says

      Ouch. I didn’t realize that I had to fit into a demographic to enjoy specific books. My favorite part about my sister giving me Twilight to read years ago ( we are both adults btw) is that we started voraciously consuming books of all genres and sharing them with each other because we love great stories. We have since read the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games serires and MANY other books and are fans of them all. You don’t have to dislike one to be a fan of another. I’m confused by those kinds of comments.

    • I actually think that older females may enjoy it even more so than younger. At it’s very core, Twilight is a love story, and a well written love story (especially with such strong character’s as Stephenie Meyer’s) goes a LONG way for a lot of people.

  10. I’m a fan of both series so it’s hard to for me to say whether only HG fans would go to Breaking Dawn to see the trailer but I definitely think that lots of Twilight fans who have not read HG will become intrigued by seeing the trailer. I’m always looking for a new series to read and get into and I think many Twilight fans are the same. I think it’s a great marketing technique for HG and hopefully Breaking Dawn too!

    • I don’t mean well written in the sense that you may think. I think that well written means it does what it’s supposed to do. Twilight works by creating the perfect guy, and making us all swoon over him.

  11. twilight is much bigger broader audience than HG. though I loved the HG books I have to agree Hollywood has ruined the possible franchise with unwise casting and disregarding the existing fan base. too bad if it is the trailer for BD1 . I as well will be passing on the HG movies.

  12. I look forward to see the trailer for it. I think people could definitely become interested. I recently had a chance to read a few chapter of the first book and can’t wait to get my own copy. More stories to love!

    • Opps! Just saw some spelling errors…I meant to write “read a few chapters of the first HG books and…”

  13. I read HG and loved them, just as I loved twilight. You can’t really compare them, just as you cannot compare HP and Twilight. They may all be YA -targeted novels but they are different TYPES of stories. I would describe HG as an action-based series (yes there is a love story, etc.. but the action is the main plot of the stories). Twilight is a LOVE story. It’s like saying apples are better than oranges because they taste like apples. It makes no sense. As far as which is better written, I don’t think you can say one is definitively better than another because it boils down to PERSONAL taste.
    In addition, I know some have said HG casting was terrible.. I love the casting. I feel like Lenny Kravitz is PERFECT for cinna. He seems like a very chill guy with a lot of talent and personal flair.. sounds like Cinna to me. Anyways, I digress.. I would be super stoked if they showed HG trailer before BD. Marketing wise I think that would be a really smart decision just based on the sheer volume of people who will be exposed to the film/series and possibly want to read/watch. They know Twilight fans are people willing to invest time into a book series so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good fit.


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