Live Feed: Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner at the LA Convention

Watch the Panel at the LA Convention Live here!


  1. Olga Podolean says:

    really cool to watch this….it’s 2 a.m in Europe,and I’m excited to be able to watch it.thanks Lexicon!

  2. Jennifer Magikoko says:

    As for the clinically insane comment, I have friends who will totally agree with that!!

  3. charlotte says:

    Got mixed up wit my time difference but at least I saw the last 10 minutes. I love them roll on18th November!!!

  4. Ugh, that was painfull! lol.

    I love the Hillywood girls, but they were not the best choice to lead the panel. They seemed confused as to what to do. And the Panel…meh.

    I have no clue how much caffeine Kristin had before this, lol, but she was twitchy as shit. I wanted to give the poor girl a cape to hide behind, a cigarette, and a valum. I guess I am just confused as to what happens, that she can seem so relaxed, and conversational in endless junket interviews, and at the handprint ceremony, and today be a complete trainwreck. It always seems to be when she gets around the fans that are really cutting loose, and carrying on that she looses her cool, and composure. Well, maybe that’s my answer.

    Rob, poor guy, lol. He tried like hell to save it, but I think he was too worried about Kristin’s death glares, and his girlfriend kicking his ass later. They can’t even talk about how they auditioned for twilight with Catherine Hardwick anymore, without trying to avoid the “they made out on her bed” part (that all fans already know about) akwardness. “Umm, we pranced…” LOL

    I admit, as a fan of the cast, it hurts sometimes to see them (Kristin and Rob in particular, because they are the leads) be so…dismissive? Of the fans exuberance, excitement, and dedication. *shrugs* I’m rambling on, doesn’t matter anyways, lol

    Bill <3. If the film is half as good, as he makes it sound listening to him talk about it…fhew, it's gonna be brilliant! I have really enjoyed all his interviews, and sit down's. He talks about it in depth, with humor, and a seriousness that I haven't felt sense Chris Weitz. I like seeing the Trio, but honestly, I probably would have enjoyed just listening to Bill Condon on the panel.

    Taylor, as usual is the saving grace. He should be the spokesman for the entire franchise, because he is very good at articulating himself, and the over-all thoughts and feelings of the others. And, they are obviously comfortable with him doing it. He is always very gracious, and humble, but he also always makes sure to express his thanks and love to the fans, his co-workers, his Mentors. He does not shy away from the love and affection that fans bestow, and that's all they want. Is to feel like a part of it all.

    Eh, I shut up now. Been a long day, Im writing crap. Ignore me, lol

  5. I didn’t get to watch it live. Is it available to watch somewhere else?

  6. Ok, I am also deaf, and apparently missed A LOT of what some idiots were shouting out, but Kristin didn’t miss them. No wonder the poor girl was squirming and seemed uncomfortable. =(

    I guess it is when she gets around so-called fans, that are asshats that purposefully put her on the spot, and dig into her private shit, that Kristin gets nervous. There is a big difference between being an exuberant, excited fan, and being a dick.

    When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I was wrong. Sorry, Kristin =\

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