Bruno Mars Confirmed As Being on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

Yesterday a radio station leaked the news that Bruno Mars was on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and today it was confirmed by the official Twilight Twitter account.

“‘It Will Rain’ by @brunomars is the first song unveiled from the @BreakingDawnStk! #ITWILLRAIN #BD1Stk”

Check out the Bruno Mars website. Where they state :

We’re happy to announce exclusively on that Bruno’s new song “It Will Rain” will be featured on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

“It Will Rain” will be available worldwide* exclusively on iTunes this Tuesday, September 27th.

*UK single will be available October 31st.

The soundtrack album will be available everywhere November 8th.

Come back to this Tuesday (9/27) to hear ‘It Will Rain’!”


  1. I actually like this ! If we were to have a well know artist I would want it to be him.

  2. Meh, will have to listen to it first since the only single from the soundtrack that I’ve actually liked has been Decode from the first one.

  3. Not really happy about this. I am not sure how this style of music will fit in to the Twilight mix. It depends on the context it is used in the film. I love Bruno Mars, but he isn’t the edgy, funky, indy music I associate with Twilight. We’ll have to see how it sounds and how it is placed in the movie.

  4. So far, I like what there is to hear. I asked my daughter to take listen and she thinks it would sound good during a part involving the Volturi.

  5. It all depends on the song itself and how it’s used in the film. I love some of Bruno’s stuff, and some if it, not so much. But, we all know placement within the film can completely ruin a song. To this day, I honestly cannot listen to what was originally my favorite track off of the Eclipse soundtrack because where they placed it in the film was just wrong, and I can’t listen to the song without thinking about how it was completely wrong for that part of the movie and how it sent completely the wrong message. So, we wait and we see.

    • Are you talking about Beck’s song or Muse one? Or different one at all.

      I never remember which nickname I’m using here on comments ‘wholi’ or ‘Lisa’ ’cause I’m sure I used both of them….

  6. NO! This is horrible! There goes the soundtrack. Protest.

  7. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    For all of those that are dodging him for being pop, listen to the preview for “It Will Rain” already. You might like it! So shut your yaps with the “But I want Paramore!!!!1:(((((” complaints and listen.

  8. …….. Can’t say anything until the soundtrack comes out.

  9. you’ve got to be kidding me. Bruno Mars? What happened to edgy and alternative and… ugh. Bruno Mars does NOT fit with twilight.

  10. smitten_by_twilight says:

    I really like Bruno, but I like pop as well as alt rock. I think it could work, like people have said, in the right place. That teaser is nice but so brief that it doesn’t really give us much to work from. I’ll be eager to hear the whole thing. Really nice for the powers-that-be to give us all to keep tantalizing ourselves with ….

  11. Bruno mars hater says:

    I think it’s the just the principle of Bruno Mars being on the soundtrack that is so wrong. I mean is he pretending to be some Indie/Alternative singer suddenly? I really am not a fan of his music (i think his stuff is gross) and the whole soundtrack just looses credit immediately. Who wants to be on the same soundtrack as bruno bloody mars?

  12. For me, its not that I hate Bruno Mars- I think his music is great and he is extremely talented. He just doesn’t fit with what I associate with Twilight music. So for me, when I first heard about his inclusion on the soundtrack, it made me immediately leery of where they are going with this one. But I will wait til Tuesday to see for sure.

  13. I like him I really do but… twilight….I just dont know

  14. twilighterobsessed says:

    Omg Ppl really? It’s a sound track. You won’t die. Lot of songs on the sound tracks I would never listen to otherwise but liked in the movie. Bruno Mars is different and so is breaking dawn. Also so what if he was busted for cocaine. Some of the stars of the twilight franchise have been in trouble or addicts. It’s life. That being said he wouldn’t be my first choice.

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