Bruno Mars on Breaking Dawn Soundtrack?

Unlike rumors of earlier this week claiming Robert Pattinson had an album coming out this one may actually prove to be true because the source is far more reliable. Radio Station 93.2 WFLZ is reporting that Bruno Mars may in fact be on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.

It’s still unconfirmed, but if true what do you think are you a Bruno Mars fan?

Via Twilight Examiner


  1. I love Bruno Mars. His style and music would fit.

  2. I really hope not. Hopefully the soundtrack keeps the same indie rock vibe. Is Alexandra Patsvas still the music director for the films?

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  4. ehhhh im not so sure about that i like the twilight soundtracks because expose me to different types of music and new talent with a name like bruno mars im a lil iffy hopefully everything comes out great in the end product though , they usually do

  5. Bruno doesn’t seem like a good fit…all I can say is NOOO PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  6. uhhmm, i just love the all of the numbers they’ve chosen for the movies. those were all a little different than the one’s i hear on the radio. the movies are special so the music must be special too. bruno mars isn’t special and it would ruin the soundtrack i think.

  7. Please NO! I do generally quite like much of his music. Not for this though. I’ve really enjoyed the last 3 soundtracks, and they’ve introduced me to some new bands over the last 3 years but I think a move too far from the Indie rock persuasion would be a disappointment to many of the saga’s fans, myself included. I hope they don’t ruin what looks to be a stunning movie with a dodgy soundtrack.

  8. Ehhh…… no.

  9. I’ve only heard a few of his songs & like him okay. But I was hoping the BD soundtracks would be more indie like the other 3 were.

  10. Dayi Martinez says:

    God! Please no! He would sully it completely!

  11. Nooooo…half the reason The Twilight Saga is so amazing is the soundtracks! Don’t ruin it with pop music…I love just buying it and discovering new bands!

  12. Bruno mars hater says:

    Please don’t ruin it with the likes of fricken bruno mars? I mean seriously? Even if he suddenly pops out an alternative indie track – he would still be fake.

  13. Willing to hear first but not sure. I love how all the others soundtracks have been indie music that was so different. But then again, Cee Lo was on the last one and I really liked it. I’m willing to reserve judgement until I hear it.

  14. When I heard his album, I always thought that the song The Other Side was written especially for Twilight.

  15. I’ll be reserving judgement for when I hear it. I’ve loved all the previous soundtracks, I’m sure this one won’t disappoint. 😀

  16. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    I like Bruno, and I think he might be okay for Breaking Dawn.
    A lot of you are saying it’s a bad idea because he’s pop. Look at Paramore! (Please, for the love of all that sparkles, do not bring Paramore’s music back….) Any pop group can put a guitar in there and say it’s rock, which Paramore has done.
    And I’m sick of Muse. They have been in every single Twilight Saga soundtrack, and the songs weren’t even that good. If they are going to feature any previous artists again, bring back Sia, Florence + The Machine, or Lykke Li!
    Anyway, Bruno could go indie for the BD soundtrack. He has talent. And it’s not even official. So CALM DOWN. Besides, who knows? It might even be good. So stop judging and get over it.

    • Fiona Cullen says:

      I love Muse, you probably have a different taste in music then me, but I am offended by you saying that their songs are not even that good because you probably haven’t heard 1/90th of their music, but that is your opinion and that’s ok. By the way the reason they are on all of the soundtracks is because they are Stephenie Meyer’s favourite band, and they inspired so much of the writing of the Twilight Saga. And I would say without them, there is a quite a chance that Twilight would not be what it is now.
      Yeah, and I can’t really agree with you about Bruno.

    • Ouch! Muse bashing! Contentious!! I, for one will be disappointed not to see Muse on there.

  17. First of all, I’m a Bruno Mars fan because he was born & raised here in Hawaii. Not many people who were born AND raised here make it to that big time status that he has. Second, I don’t see how his style of music would fit BUT he is an awesome performer who is very talented so I’d definitely give him a chance. If the guys in the know who are putting the soundtrack together think so, I’ll trust their judgment. If the song sucks, there’s always the “next” button to skip right over it.

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