Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart In New Breaking Dawn Image on Hollywood Crush

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  1. @leah clearwater says:

    This picture is sooo emotive, it is perfect i cant wait for the movie to come out i will be the first in line 🙂

  2. So…connecting this photo to the one where Edward’s pulling her robe up her bare shoulder, I’m assuming this is the scene right before the cleaning crew shows up?

  3. I think this is after their first night together, she’s bruised, he’s upset, and she’s trying to convince him she’s fine. I think the robe down over her shoulder was to show bruising. I know we don’t see it in the photos but it will be there in the film. She also took a shower to get the feathers out of her hair and I’m thinking that’s where the robe comes in. Of course, her hair is not wet in this picture. I’m probably wrong but can’t wait to find out for real.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Totally agree … the thick robe is from right after the honeymoon night, covering the bruises, and that intense, sad, determined look is Edward thinking NO, no matter what you say, Bella, and you are NOT fine! Not that way.

  4. I have to chuckle because only in Hollywood would there be a need for the lights to be on during the full light of day. Aside from that, I can’t wait for the movie to be out!

  5. Beautiful *Q* I wait BD with trepidation!!!!!

  6. Lynne Stringer says:

    I too, think it’s the morning after their first night. The bathrobe is to hide the bruises. She is trying to convince him that she’s okay.

  7. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    We just got a photo of them smiling…now they’re unhappy again. *angsts*
    Anyways, I like the still.

  8. I too, think it is the night after their first time because if you look at the bed behind them, it is destroyed.

  9. WARNING: DO NOT CLICK ON 15 SECOND TEASER PREVIEW IN THESE COMMENTS! My PC was attacked by a virus from that site – it even got around my anti-virus software (whom I’ll be having words with on Monday!) Stick to the Access Hollywood link from the Lexicon’s post.

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