100 Monkeys Improvs Hurricane Song at Last Night’s Show

Oh My Carlisle on Twitter was on the show and this is how she describes it.

“At every 100 Monkeys show, the band has the audience throw out an idea for a song and they create an original song on the spot. This night they picked my idea, “Hurricane!” I yelled Hurricane because this was the weekend Hurricane Irene was beating up the east coast. Jackson Rathbone (The Twilight Saga’s Jasper Hale) is on lead vocals.”


  1. That was awesome. They should record it.

  2. It is so awesome and creative how they do that at live shows. Plus Jackson is just sexy in general but when he is singing and dancing, he is perfection.

  3. CullenCoven says:

    I’m helping my dad and brother clean up from last night.

  4. radiowidow says:

    Undeniably talented! Have to say, though, that “Cockroach Revolution” is still one of my favorites from him.

  5. I loved it! Jackson is so darn talented and I love it when he sings! Woohooooo!

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