Breaking Dawn Promo Material

We originally saw these a few days ago on RobstenDreams and sent out a query to Summit Ent. for confirmation that these were legit before we ran any information.  Our source at Summit said that these were international in-theatre items.  We still don’t know if theatre concession stands here in the US will be selling the same products or if ours will look different.  But for now, this is what we have to go on.  Tell us what you think of the look of the products in the comments!




  1. Kim Hollein says:

    I’ll take one of everything please and thanks!! Hope we get that stuff here in the States.

  2. Just those three again? 🙁 I realize the story is about them, but I’m not buying anything that doesn’t include Jasper and the other Cullens.

  3. I think they look awesome!!

  4. I Love it! … I Can’t wait … and i seriously hope we USAers get somethign similiar .. .I want to add it all to my colelction!

  5. Nothing with Edward and Bella together w/o Jacob? Epic fail IMO. Sigh. Will pass.

  6. Oh I hope NZ get this merch! Don’t really like the image but I would def buy some of that.

  7. There’s at least two item’s I can see that I would want to get, I just don’t care for the image they’ve chosen to use.

  8. :O I want the keychains! Oh and maybe the hat too, and maybe the glass…haha I hope they have those here

  9. They just started releasing images of merch and posters and I am already tired of this particular group of photos being used on everything imaginable. Hopefully these will not be the main images on the merch because that would be a huge letdown.

  10. Why does it always have to be the trio? Why can’t it be just Bella & Edward? They get married in BD. The “love triangle” Summit has been pushing is over now.

    • AGREED! And I also want some stuff with all the Cullens, not just the main 3!

    • *snickers* Cuz quote, unquote: Jacob is important in BD and has a big following as anyone who likes Taylor or Jacob would say to anyone, like you and me, who wants less of him and more of Edward and Bella..

  11. Fiona Cullen says:

    They seem like something they would sell here in Australia. Lol.

  12. Last time all our cinema did was key chains so hope we get a bit more this time. I agree with the rest tho they could hav

  13. They are awful. Much too sterile looking. I’m really disappointed.

  14. Omg! I’m going to be broke by the time the night is over on 11.18.11!

  15. Eleanor P. says:

    Oh Rebecca I sooo agree. There are so many better looking photos. Why they would select this image is beyond me.

  16. I can’t wait for the next movie!!

  17. I can’t wait for the next movie!!


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