Teen Choice Awards 2011 Wrap Up

Well Twilight was up for a bunch of awards, the shame was that only one was received on stage and that was likely due to the connection to the Cancer Bites campaign. (It’s an important cause, so check it out.)

Here’s who the winners were:

Robert Pattinson for Favorite Vampire (Eclipse) and Dramatic Actor (Water for Elephants)

Taylor Lautner for Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Actor

Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene for Favorite Scene Stealers


  1. It was a weird night in general. Each year, it becomes less about the awards and more about a popularity contest to see how many celebs Fox can show on TV during the show. Most of the awards are simply mentioned in passing, which is weird since it is an award show. Oh well, at least we did get to see Rob, Nikki, Kellan, Taylor, and Ashley. I was disappointed at first that Kristen could not make it, but with the show being such a blase thing, I am glad she was able to just focus on filming.

  2. I didnt even watch the awards this year because its either so boring or so predictable. Although, I will admit I was a bit shocked that HP beat Eclipse in some categories, I’m glad the Twilight presence was still felt and that the supporting actors, like Ashley and Kellan were acknowledged with Robert and Taylor…now, moving on to People’s Choice, Scream Awards and Breaking Dawn, Part 1!

  3. I’m so glad Taylor beat Rob this year for Sci-Fi movie actor…I’m sorry, but seeing Rob when five awards every year was getting old and boring!

    • Umm… Taylor won last year for New Moon, I think Robert should have won that award, he did a good job in Eclipse as Edward, but I’m glad it was one of the Twi- boys 🙂

  4. Rob and Kristen should have won Best LipLock…..

  5. I think HP beat them because it was the end. It hasn’t beat them out before!

    • You may be right but let them have their moment because we definitely have ours…next up is the Scream Awards, then all the press of Part 1, then the PCA awards 2012…

      • Yeah, HP fans will be out of the way but hunger game fans are even worst then HP fans.
        Twilight can’t have one moment without some other franchise being compared and put together, not matter how different the series are. (And yes i have read the hunger games and HP).

    • no, it’s because with the TCAs, you can’t spam the votes like the MTV Movie Awards.

      • Brittany says:

        EXACTLY! It goes to show that there are more Harry Potter fans voting than Twilight fans. I HATE HATE HATE when you can vote as many times as you want because everyone knows Twilight will win every award it’s up for because its voters are rabid, obsessed fans who refuse to let any other movie/actor win because they want to see Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart accept the awards on stage, and they want Twilight sweep the awards shows even when there are other movies that MIGHT deserve to win instead.
        This is why I LOVE the Teen Choice Awards. It’s so much more accurate.
        Harry Potter FTW! Loved seeing Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, and even Daniel Radcliffe accept all of their awards! <3

        • As much as I love Eclipse, if it was up to me, neither Eclipse or HP would win Best/Choice movie for 2010, it would have been Inception. That was the best movie of the 3, in my opinion. But for anyone to say a franchise, regardless who, is better than the other is totally bias..that’s an OPINION, not a God-giving or proven fact.

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