Fandom Flashback: The Stephenie Meyer Book Signing

I was introduced to Twilight by a friend of mine from church in January of 2006. Like so many of you who fell in love with the story, I went on line to look for other people who liked the story that I could talk to. There wasn’t much to find at the time. What I did find was that Stephenie Meyer had her own website full of pictures of her trip to Forks with her sister, a few outtakes from the book, and some information on what had happened at a few of her book signings. The way she described it, before the actual signing she met with about 10 – 15 fans and just sat and chatted about Edward and the story in what she called an “I Love Edward Cullen” party. I was jealous. I wanted to go to one of those! Unfortunately, these were all held in October – December of 2005 just after the book released and were mostly out west in Utah and Arizona where Stephenie was from. Still, once I leaned there would be sequels to the series I was determined to someday be at a book signing and gush with Stephenie about how much I had fallen for the character of Edward Cullen.

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My chance came when New Moon was released. By that time, however, I had opened the Lexicon and had been exchanging e-mails with Stephenie. I actually met Stephenie face to face at BEA in Washington DC a month before, so the book signing was a second meeting. Regardless, I was just as excited and giddy to actually be at my first Stephenie Meyer book signing. (Here is a photo of me with Stephenie at BEA. Her computer was open to Eclipse.  And Laura got Steph to open her Forever Dawn file and tease us with the opening sentences!)

It was October 2006 and the event was held in Texas. (I should explain that I have family in Texas and they begged me to come down and take them to the event. They really didn’t have to beg as I wanted to be there!) We first went to an actual book store to hear Stephenie give a Q and A and have our books signed.  I think it was a Barnes and Noble but I just can’t remember.  There were about 200 people, mostly teenage girls, filling the upstairs section of the store. They had some chairs set up, but the line snaked through the stacks.

When Stephenie came out, she would talk a little about how the book came to be and then she would take random questions from those in the audience.  She would just point at someone and they would ask her a question, which often led to many repeated questions about basic information.  And of course, the main question was always, “Will Bella become a vampire?”  For the New Moon book signings, Stephenie had to deal with the real birth of the Team Jacob vrs Team Edward debate!

I believe that Stephenie had posted somewhere that she loved seeing great fan made shirts! Keep in mind that the only Twilight related merchandise we had at the time were the books and the “Bite Me” shirts that Stephenie sold out of her house through her website. There were so many Team Edward/ Team Jacob shirts of course. But the more creative they shirts were, the more other fans fussed over them. I walked along the line taking pictures of some of my favorites. I do have a few of them still, even though that was 3 computers ago! (Yes, I’ve gone through 3 computers all because of Twilight! LOL! But that’s another story…)

I found a guy who was there sporting a lion and lamb hoodie to support his girl friend. I also found a few non Edward or Jacob shirts. And of course, I got my photo with Stephenie. Laura made me a shirt with the Lexicon image on it. She had attended a book signing in New Jersey a few weeks previous to this and managed to get by without really being spotted or recognized.  So to make sure I was absolutely spotted,  she made the shirt HOT PINK and it said Alphie on the back.  It was my first experience at being recognized as “that girl from the Lexicon!” (You can read all about Laura’s experience in an archived post here at the Lexicon.  But here’s a photo of Laura at her book signing.)

I also attended the Texas Book Festival where Stephenie was on a panel of YA authors that included Lauren Myracle, who wrote ttfn, Tanya Lee Stone, who write A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl, and Kristin Miller, who wrote Kiki Strike.  Each author was given time to read from their book and talk about the characters and then questions were taken from the audience.  Again, the majority of the questions for Stephenie were a bit basic and repetitive.  But there was one great find from the event!  There was a group of young men that attended in order to get Stephenie’s autograph for their girlfriends.    When I spoke to Stephenie later she said that one of the guys had a great “Edward” look about him and that she was interested in maybe getting him to come to some events as “Edward.”  Jump forward several months and the same guy stood in as Edward at E-Prom! (I’ve posted a photo of Laura at E-Prom with Edward and Jacob stand ins.)

Stephenie came to Nashville for a book signing and author event in November of 2006.  Since I live in Nashville I was able to whip up a bit of a Twilight weekend complete with Stephenie dropping in on us and reading bits of Midnight Sun while we sat on the floor around her feet in rapt attention!  You can read all about the festivities that took place in part one of an archived post and part two of an archived post.

I got to go to my one and only “I Love Edward Cullen” party that was held at the Davis Kidd bookstore.  The first few fans that called in and reserved a spot at the party got a special ticket to the event.  I believe there were only 35 – 40 people allowed in.  It was a special time to mingle around before the official book signing, to talk to Stephenie, and to take a few quizzes and win prizes.  The highlight of this book signing for me was the fact that I got to introduce Stephenie to the friend who gave me my first copy of Twilight!  Here are some photos from the event as well as a picture of Stephenie with me and my friend Sarah.

I did attend a few other book signings.  I was able to go to Cincinnati for an Eclipse book signing in 2007. By this time there were so many fans gathering at the book store that they actually had to have crowd management for how many people could fit in the store.  There were wrist bands for when you should line up to get your book signed.  Stephenie’s Q & A was maybe 20 minutes long and again full of basic questions that die-hard fans knew the answers to or questions that Stephenie couldn’t answer without spoiling the plot.  And you could no longer pause for a photo with Stephenie.  Someone else could take your picture as you walked through the line, but that was the best you could get.

When The Host was released, I went to Salt Lake City to be able to attend two book signings in one weekend.  The venues used were a High School auditorium and an event center so that more fans could attend.  They actually had two sessions at the High School so that the crowd could rotate in and out!  Questions were submitted by the crowd into a box and then taken backstage for Stephenie to sort through and choose the best ones.  This cut down on the number of questions being asked that were repeats of old information.  It also helped her to avoid the questions she couldn’t answer.  Again, I have to say that the fan made shirts were amazing!  Here are just a few, and remember these are from a Host book signing.

By the time Breaking Dawn was published, the Twilight fandom had officially exploded.  The movie was underway and casting had been announced.  Stephenie did only four book signings and those were ticketed events with Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October singing some of the songs that have inspired Stephenie’s playlists over the years.  Each event held about 1,000 people and questions were submitted before hand via the internet.  I attended the one in New York City that actually happened a few hours before Breaking Dawn was published.  The other events were held in Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

What I think was the best part of these early book signings is that they were just that – a BOOK signing!  Don’t misunderstand me about this part, please.  I have enjoyed watching the fandom grow up around the movies and see how Twilight fans have changed the way Hollywood thinks about the so called “chick flick.” But at these early signings, the fans were all there because of their love of what was written on the page!  We all had our own ideas of what “Edward” looked like.  We all imagined how these stories might come to life.  And everyone had read the book!  Imagine getting together for a Twilight related event and not seeing Robert Pattinson’s face anywhere!  It was about the text of the book and the way it made us feel.  It was completely book and character driven, rather than actor driven.  Again, I like the movies and actors as much as the next fan, but there was a real difference to the fandom before there was an absolute face associated with each character.  It’s difficult to describe, and I’ve seen it happen with Harry Potter as well.  I’m sure Hunger Games fans will feel it soon enough.  It was a special and unique time that we can’t get back when the real star of the show was the words.

We want to hear from you!  Did you go to a Stephenie Meyer book signing?  Let us know about it!  And how do you feel about the change of a book fandom as it enters into a movie fandom? Let us know your thoughts!



  1. i love how popular twilight is, but its frustrating because alot of people only like it cuz its popular !


    • Twilight_News says

      I can understand that sentiment! I like to tell fans that I love Twilight for Edward and Jacob, not just for Rob and Taylor.

      • Me too ! I love the books and those pictures remind me of the good days. Loved waiting for the books !

    • After reeding ALL the books, even though I was not sure, I decided to see the first movie. I`M a Twilighter and I am not ASHAMED TO SAY IT. 35 years old, married and with a baby, but I LOVE THOSE GUYS.

      • I’m with Ya, 41 And a Twighlighter also, I have 3 children one boy Rob’s age and one boy Taylors age,and my daughter 15 her and i love the books and movie’s.Gooo Twighlight!Team Edward!

        • to me a real twilighter is someone who simply loves twilight ! they love the books and movies no matter what. it doesn’t matter when you read the books ( for me it was late 2007)
          THIS article is amazing though , makes me think of the old times when people only knew what twilight wad from reading (: team twilight

  2. exactly ! twilight deserves all the attention it can get because it abs. amazing but sometimes that attention is bad !

    –fans need too like it because they honestly love it, not because their friend loves it !

  3. CullenCoven says

    I like that Carlisle t-shirt.

  4. The Twighlight Books are amazing, I don’t like to read much unless i have to. So to start reading the twighlight Series was so great i could hardly put the books down *smiles* And the movies are so great also, You don’t have to be a teen to love them all(books and movie’s)I guess i’m classified as a TwighMom *smiles* Stephanie Meyer is a very Gifted person. I love your site also you have good info on here,Thank you. 🙂

  5. I am proud for being a fan since before the movies came out, too!!
    The journey was an amazing experience, even though I never really got the chance to attend a book signing, but through the series I learned and I grew up with Bella, in a way, and I am very proud of it and I am very sad this trip is coming to an end. And I will always love The Twilight Saga, even and in 20, in 40, in 50 years, it will always have a special place in my heart <3 and so will Edward Cullen <3

  6. Charlotte says

    Although I didn’t read any of the books until after the first film had come out. (Mainly because they weren’t available here and I’d never heard of them) but my real love in the series is for the books the way stephenie wrote the characters is what caused my obsession. I do love the films but mainly because they introduced me to the books!!!

  7. I saw the movie first and then caught the bug! Since then been a fan and have read the books too.

  8. This was an amazing story of your journey through Twilight and I really enjoyed reading it. I can relate very easily to you love the “book”. I read all the books before the films came out too. I did not go to any book signing ever because back then I was too young to travel across country. Now looking back several years I can see how my love of twilight has changed. I have two different loves. The love of the book and the love of the film franchise. To be honest my infatuation has calmed down to a very sane level of deep admiration. Its been awhile since I really dove into twilight again but I love seeing new people go into it. When I did start to read twilight I looked online everywhere to find people who loved it just as me and found several communities that had that same drive. It is somewhat sad to see that the fandom will be calming down soon with the secession on the last films and books being released but it has been a wonderful journey. I can proudly look back and say I was a real fan and here is how it impacted my life.

  9. I am a guy and I lovereading Twilight!!!!!

    • Me too!

      Aside: I became a fan because of the first movie, and I appreciate the people who were fans since the early days – because it was their support and enthusiasm that ensured that the movies would get made!

    • I am also a guy who like Twilight the books. Movies were great but I felt Eclipse missed the characters of Bella and Edward quite a bit. I am not a reader, as an engineer, I read technical PDFs. In January 2010, a friend lends me Twilight DVD. My wife and I watched, as usual after the movie; I got online and found the great stories behind it. 16 months later. I had read and listen to the audio book version almost every day during commute. Re-watch the DVD almost every week, now I fall asleep with it. Addition, I read many fan-fictions twilight stories on line. My love with my wife after 30 years has been intense and quite similar to B&E. We met in her senior year in her new high school. I graduated a year earlier and picking up my younger brother one day. I walked in the high school auditorium and when she saw me, she told me later that her heart stops. We didn’t talk and pretended that didn’t see each other. But our thoughts were filled with the other person faces. I thought; I never saw this pretty girl when I was there a year earlier. We were both shy. A week later, she called me in the afternoon. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. That was March 18. We got engaged in 2 months and married 4 years later after our college graduations. We never tire to see each other and we missed the other person when away, we text while I am at work. Last year, we drove 2 hours to see Eclipse in Portland but regret that we didn’t visit all the Twilight movie and book locations in the Pacific Northwest.

  10. I am 12 years old, I read the books before the movies came out. I love Bella and Edward. They are the best couple ever. I read each book within a couple of days. I couldn’t find the will to stop reading! I still reread them all the time. Personally the Books are way better then the movies. Haha! TEAM ALICE!!!

  11. IsabellaMarieSwanCullen says

    Last year, around 1 July. I still didn’t know Twilight and I actually didn’t want that too. I just thought it was some stupid obsession by a lot of girls who wanted to marry a stupid vampire. But on 14 July my niece insisted me to watch the movie. First, I didn’t want that but she already pressed the play button. So I watched it and I really really liked it!! I was kinda shocked, I just couldn’t forget the story and I wanted MORE!
    So I bought all of the books (including the book about Bree Tanner and the Director’s Notebook)
    Without the movie, I had never read the books because I hated reading. The books of Stephenie Meyer are the first books I read with pleasure and interest. I like the story because it’s everything I ever wanted. A crush on a beautiful man that likes you too and you’ll be together forever. Because I’m really afraid of ‘the death’. Now, It’s almost a year later and I still can’t forget the story for one day. I’m obsessed and I just can’t wait for Breaking Dawn part 1. The books were the beginning of everything but I think also the movies are really good!

  12. sonia almeida says

    hi im a fa from portugal i like and i read all the books i like a lot and the movies are amazing stephenie meyer it is good to do this things and this its a prove …she have lots of friends and fas around the world i send kisses from portugal were she have lots of fas they like a lot what she doing ……sonia almeida

  13. Since 2007 when I am everyone in my family read the books and re-read them and talked about them. We didn’t even know they were popular – thought they were our own little discovery!

  14. Dang, I am sooooo jealous, truly, and happy for everyone, but jealous at the same time. I guess I’m a complicated person lol

  15. AliceKikiCullen says

    I got into the books b/c of the movies. I did care to read it back in ’06 when I 1st heard about Twilight. My friend had a copy but when she said “vampires”, I wasn’t interested. Not vampire person, more the wizard type. (coughPottercough) But in ’08, My best friend and I were at the movies and saw a teaser for the 1st movie. Tim asked me and I told him it was some vamp thing. He went and read them and yelled at me for like 3 days to read it. I broke down and bought the 1st book and by the end of the day I racing out to the local library to get the other 2 books. 😀 If it wasn’t for that trailer, and my b.f.f, I would have never gotten into it. I think movies enhance the books, being a hard-core Potter fan. I love the actors (i was so mad at 1st when I heard Cedric Diggory was going 2b Edward!!! Lol, oh how easily I took that back when I saw the comic con footage…lol) The movies give us something left to hang onto the excitement, with Harry ending, Twilight is all I have left until it’s done lol. I love both book and movie 😀

  16. I have to say I never have never made to one or ever will to a book signing of Stpehnie Meyer, as for the fact I live in a small town that not many stars seem to make it here for book signing, but I hope someday to meet Stephanie, as fan of all her books and movies.. I was introduced by my son, and when I did start reading the books, I was hooked and still am, even my daughter loves the movies.. a story that has opened many fans around the world.. and I am proud to say Iam a Twilight fan.. a generation that is much older than these kids now..even as old as Iam I still see the process of finding love, finding choices in life.. with these books it has changed for me in an aspect of wanting to change things in my life, and with that Kristen Stewart (Bella) has shown me I can do that, so heres what she has taught me~ she has taught me to change what I can for myself,go for what I truly believe in, with that tool I see my life much better and happier.. to defeat all things that come full face, anyone that is there to support you.. Thanks Kristen and Stephanie .. =) I hope some day to meet you both that has changed my life.. =)

  17. hola soy una fan,mexicana de Twilight y estoy en espera de amanecer me encanta libros y peliculas los amo

  18. my story with twilight is kinda funny, I’ve been a twilighter for 2 short years now but I still remember when the 1st movie came out and I litterally REFUSED to watch it coz I thought it was, well “a vampire movie!” 6 months later I heard about the books from my cousins and thought I should give them a try, so I read all four books and fell hard for the characters (ok… I mean Edward!)and my twilightness went on without me watching the movie, then after a few months I did see it, and I didn’t think I’d ever hate anything more! I still remember saying “I hate that Rob guy, he’s so ugly”. but after watching it a few times I learnt to accept it and actually loved it (and Rob).I’ve been there when team Taylor started and I really hated it since team Jacob were rare before that!ever since, I’ve been to the New Moon and Eclipse premieres and been to every twilight event I could attend (which are really really rare here). Twilight has changed my life for better, I’m in love with the movies but the books will always be better for me. and I’ve got so into the story that I can tell: it’s not shallow at ALL! my twilight life will never end,I’m a twilighter forever! 🙂

  19. I first learned for the movie when the second movie was out in Theaters. A colleague told me about this fantastic movie she had seen and how she was looking forward to the next one released in two days. She got me curious enough to rent the movie to watch it overnight. I ended up watching Twilight until dawn ( 3 times overnight). I went sleepless to my work, left early enough, bought the books and started reading the same night. For a period of 2 weeks it was like my life was stuck in those books. I was reading and re reading them and could not get enough of them. Since now, my passion for Twilight is unchanged. There are some books and stories that really touch your heart and this was the one for me. I really like the movies and the actors but the books give me so much more food to think and analyze. The characters depth are supreme and their untold stories make it even more interesting. I do feel that my satisfaction will be complete if Stefanie releases Midnight Sun book also.

  20. Lynne Stringer says

    Well, if Stephenie ever comes to Brisbane, Australia for a signing, I’ll be there with all four Twilight books!

  21. Michele Dwinell says

    I missed out on the books in the beginning, because I thought (SO WRONG!) that they were mainly for teenagers and here I was, a mom with adult kids! So after my grown-up daughter, Holly, begged me to just try them, I’d like them…I still dragged my feet. Then later, when “twilight” was a movie, a friend sort of pushed me to go…and I was hooked! I started reading the books and couldn’t put them down! I loved those books so much, and still do. These stories, both in print and film, have been such a great escape, and, by the way, “age is just a number, baby!” is so true!! Everybody can relate to these stories…Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Stephenie. We love you for sharing your “dream” with us all!

  22. As a teacher, I remember getting frustrated when my students wouldn’t put their Twilight books down so I could teach. I hadn’t read them and didn’t care to at that time. Well, I finally gave in this spring and WOW!!! I now understand why my students couldn’t put them down. Even as a mother of four, I could completely relate to Bella, Edward, Jacob, their families…everything. Stephenie’s books reignited my love of reading and for that I will be forever grateful. I may be a late comer to the Twilight world, but the books are ones that I love. I have even gotten a dear friend, who at first thought I was “crazy”, to love them. I read all the books before seeing the movies; so it is truly Bella, Edward, Jacob, et al that I adore. Thank you, Stephenie.


  24. Gabriella says

    Great story. I don’t care when anyone entered the Twilight world as long as they are true fans thats all that matters to me.

  25. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    Lori and Laura, I’m so green–with envy! 🙂 You have such a unique and special relationship with Stephenie Meyer that has really benefited the Twilight fandom so much! It’s greatly appreciated.

    I know I was “late” coming into the fandom, but my life left little time for reading (2 kids, full time job…yadda, yadda, yadda) and I was clueless–what TV? What movies? What…? If I had any spare time, it was usually devoted to sleeping. But then in 2009, I was desperately wanting something new to read—not Austen, not Dickens…nothing I’d read before. And I heard these inklings of something called Twilight, and I mentioned to my sister that I was thinking of reading it. She said, “You might like it. I wasn’t interested but my friend Jessica really likes it.” So, I thought, when I get time, I’ll go pick it up. So, I bought the first one, and it was sitting on my shelf for a few days, and I was beginning to wonder when I would have time to read it, when the kids got a cold…and I was stuck at home, with cartoons in the background. I read Twilight so fast, I called my husband and had him pick up the next 3 books on his way home from work—and I finished them in a week. I’ve since read them 6 times in 2 years, read everything on Stephenie’s site and here at the Lexicon (several times)….and more. The books are what got me hooked. I didn’t even know they’d made a movie til I saw the DVD at Costco (when I was looking for a present for someone else…and instead bought one for me). 🙂

    I’ve since gotten my mom, 2 sisters, aunt, 2 cousins, and my mother-in-law to read the books too. And it’s the books that were the draw for all of us. Rob and Taylor are NOT Jacob and Edward. They play the characters, and though we appreciate the GREAT job they have done, they can’t replace the images in my head when I first read the books. Because it’s Stephenie’s writing that is the power behind the movies. Without the books, there wouldn’t be any movies. Stephenie is a fantastic writer, a great and imaginative story-teller—it’s her ability to make all her stories RELATE to normal life that draws people in, and I think, keeps them here. I really owe Stephenie a huge debt and I’m SO grateful that she wrote these books. I’ve always loved to read, but it got lost in the hectic craziness of small children. Twilight has given me so much pleasure and so much fun and so much to look forward to and so much to talk about. Not just here on this site, but more importantly, with my mom and mother-in-law. It’s just been so fantastic!

    Thanks to Stephenie for generously sharing her stories, and to the Lex for all your hard work at helping to spread the joy! THANK YOU!!

  26. Jennie Kelly says

    I have loved Twilight every since I was old enough to read it… <3 Twilight came out when I was 6 ( so as you can see, I couldn't read it) but as soon as I was 9 I read Twilight, New moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn & I was captivated by it. I just loved it so much I was (literary) going crazy, I got all the fan stuff & watched the movie (Twilight movie was out but the time I finished reading New Moon…BUMMER!)I really want to meet Stephanie, & I just kicked myself when I found out she had a book signing in Texas in 2006 cause I lived in Houston back in 06! But, back then I was reading Kipper & Elmer.. Now I read Twilight, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Fallen, Hush, hush, Evermore….my life changed when I read the 1st sentence of Twilight. I got so hooked by Bella, Edward & Jacob I didn't do my homework,I never would go to sleep (Okai, I went to bed at 2am) & was late for school all the time. I didn't have many friends because I was reading Twilight again & again but in my mind I had lots of friends. I had Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Caslile, Esme……. my mom thought I was in a trance, she thought I was one of those mental people so she threatened to take all my books away, unless I became more… human like. So I changed, I still devoted my life to reading but I ate, slept (I went to bed at 12) I did my homework… I tried to act normal, but inside I was going crazy just to read Twilight one last time, to watch the movie, to just imagine all the characters inside my head… until my mom said that I could go back to reading & watching Twilight again & again, I read strait away & I was hooked (AGAIN!) 🙂

    Twilight is a part of my life & always will be <3

    • Jennie Kelly says

      To me it doesn’t matter in your Team Edward or Team Jacob as long as you love Twilight your a true fan <3 -Jennie Kelly x

  27. I found out about twilight through a friend when New Moon was coming out at the movies.
    I always read the books before I see the movie(s). Anyone who was first aware of twilight when it first came out is so lucky to have experienced it but either way this story will live forever. I have lost count as to how many times I have read the books and watched the movies. I am the biggest fan and wish that I was able to go to a twilight convention. The best I got was attending the midnight session of Eclipse here in Australia. All the fans in America you are really lucky! Thank you Stephenie Meyer for writing this story. Go brunettes and cant wait for Midnight Sun xxxxxx

  28. Hi, the Books are amazing, the story great. I love Bellas character! I wait for the next story from Stephenie. Her writing style is sophisticated!

  29. I read the books in 2007. I got to read the books and imagine what the characters would look like without having any other influence. It was so much fun, and while I love the movies, nothing will compare to that first time around with the books before too many people knew about them.

  30. I heard about the books and didnt get a chance to read them until I heard they were possibly going to make them into a film. Well, becasue I dont like to picture actors as the characters I ran out and bought the books one by one and read them before the first movie came out. I am so happy I did becasue the books hold a special place in my heart and the movies to me are a different experience. Plus I have my own picture of Edward and Bella in my head.

  31. Konstantina Pattinson says

    When the 1st twilight book came out I was only 8 years old so I first saw the movie when I was 12,but not in the cinema, on DVD in May 2009. I copletely LOVED it and that’s why I decided to buy the books. I have to admit that before seeing the film I REALLY liked Rob because I had seen him in magazine covers. He’s not the only reason I love the films, though. I totally LOVE the story, I love the books and the plot, the characters, Edward, Bella, Nessie, Jake, Alice, Carlisle…
    I first read New Moon, 2nd Eclipse, 3rd Twilight and 4th Breaking Dawn. Weird order, right? 😛
    I am positive that I WILL love twilight for the rest of my life. Even when I’m not a “crazy” teenager who freaks out when they hear the word twilight I’m sure I’ll still be a fan and supporter of the series, because I grew up with it.

  32. All i have to say is i am hooked on all the books and movies just waiting on Breaking Dawn to come out. One and two i will love them for ever. Team Edward and Bella.

  33. I love twilight. I read each book within a day or so of starting it. I actually locked myself in the family room for a weekend. My family thought I was crazy. lol. Then I went to the midnight showing of ‘twilight’. I sat by another ‘twilight obessed mom’ and we started talking. She sounded just like me. She couldn’t put the books down even to cook, and that she also had locked herself in the family room for a weekend to read the books. I laughed so hard and didn’t feel so bad about the time I had spent reading twilight and ‘neglecting’ my family of teenagers and a husband. The time I have spent and still spend in ‘Twi-land’ is a well needed and deserved vacation from the rigors of life. Stephenie Meyer you are brilliant! Thank you for good, wholesome, well written books and wonderful entertainment. Twilight can be enjoyed at any age by anyone.

  34. I read Twilight the first time in 2006 in English. As soon as the books were out in Dutch I started reading them but I still bought the English versions to.
    So now I have all the books in English and Dutch. I was 14 the first time I got into it. Now, 5 years later I still enjoy the books, but I hate the ‘hype’ that has come… Now people come tell me about the crazyness of the books, while 5 years ago they wouldnt listen to me to read them. I refuse to participate with the ‘hype’. I don’t think you have to be screaming for it. I had that period once, but now I know that the love for it is inside your whole body and mind.

  35. i luv twilight spcly edwar…. M a big fan of robert pattinson……. Wen i watch twlght i oly watch edwar…… He sø handsom….


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