Nashville Take Two

Picking up where we left off on the other post…

After the quiz, I gave Stephenie the scrapbook that everyone contributed to.  I read the "dedication" out loud and got all emotional about it.  It basically said that all of her fans around the world wanted to thank her and send her brithday wishes.  I also added a personal note of my own about how much twilight has changed my life.  Here are pictures of me reading the dedication, Stephenie listening to the reading, and then Stephenie looking at the book.  The page you see there is my own, so no one can worry that their information can be spotted on the internet.  (I promised you all that no one would read your notes other than Stephenie.)  Pel and I will go into more detail about the book when we update the Forks-casts. 

Stephenie sold two kinds of shirts to the group.  I think the most popular of the shirts was the Jacob Black shirt that Pel and I are wearing in this photo.   The back is very similar to the Edward Cullen t-shirt except that it is the Jacob Black fan club.  The other shirt was a pink Twilight shirt with her web address on it.  Very pretty.

We then ate about nine cheese pizzas and butchered a strawberry cheesecake until everyone was stuffed with yummy food.  We all calmed down and listened to Stephenie read a few portions of Midnight Sun as well as answer a few questions from the group

Stephenie left around 9:30 and the rest of us stayed behind to chat about the Lexicon and the general fandom.  We got one last group photo, complements of Seraphyn, and Pel and I headed home about 11:30.   I have no idea what time everyone got to bed but I sure it was well into the morning! 

On Sunday, Pel and I met up with Steph for church and then eventually made our way back to the hotel that evening to podcast with the group that was left.  It was a great time and we somehow managed to get everyone to take turns talking!  We will post the podcast once Pel gets home and has time to convert the recording to the MP3.

Tonight is the party at the bookstore and our farewell to Nashville.  So far I think everyone has had a wonderful time.  We really wish all of you were here with us!



  1. It looks like everyone had a really fun time. If I could afford to miss school and had the funds (and parental consent) I would have been there. I’m hoping for another event a little bit closer to home that my parents would let me go to. I hope everyone has fun tonight!


  2. Sounds like a fun party!! I hope my book tours are that fun when I become a famous writer one day.

  3. Sounds like a fun party!! I hope my book tours are that fun when I become a famous writer one day.

  4. LunarEc;ipse says

    Oh man, I wish I was there. I always miss out on the fun!

  5. aawwwww!!! I wanna hear the portions of Midnight Sun as well!!!!!!!! and the questions and ANSWERS!!! you guys are SO lucky!!

  6. ♥Twilight♥ says

    i wish i could have gone, it sounds like you guys had a really fun time.

  7. Wish I could have been there! It sounds like it was so much fun. Can anyone tell us what parts of Midnight Sun Stephanie read?

  8. Man I totally missed out.I hope I could hear about it from one of my Twilight friends:)

  9. I agree with Erin! PPPLLLLZZZZ tell us portions of Midnight Sun.

  10. Oh, I wish I could have gone!! My mom doesn’t understand why Twilight is so great so therefore I couldn’t go, plus it would be too expensive to fly there for just a couple days…Maybe next time…

  11. It truly sounds like you all had a lovely time. Especially the fact that she read portions from Midnight’s Sun!!! *sighs wistfully* I honestly would have not delayed for a second if going if I could- this week I had examinations in school, and thanksgiving vacation was only a few days away….I certainly hope that there might one day be a similar get together in my area, so there would be a greater probability that I could go. The National Book Festival was truly a Godsend, location wise *sighs*.

    “Oh, I wish I could have gone!! My mom doesn’t understand why Twilight is so great so therefore I couldn’t go, plus it would be too expensive to fly there for just a couple days…Maybe next time…”

    *lol* I hear you! My parents consider any fictional literature completely futile to read, therefore reading Twilight falls under the “complete waste of time” category. Certainly, knowing Twilight from cover to back won’t get me into medical school, but learning about that special universe has made my life a lot less duller :P.

  12. Silver Lining says

    Thank you for sharing your good times with us.

    Safe travels home ladies!

    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your adventures.

    PS – How jealous am I that you were able to hear Stephenie read from Midnight Sun?

  13. Hellish Red Devil says

    How freakin’ awesome this all must have been! God, what I would have done to be there…(insert self-pity here).

    But enough of my whining–I can’t wait for that podcast!

    I hope everyone’s final evening in Nashville is spectacular! You all deserve it.

  14. Hellish Red Devil says

    Ooh, and I love the “Hot Dog” shirt! Too cute for words.

  15. JACOB. SHIRTS. MY. DAWG. WAH. -falls-

  16. Ha! My “Official Photographer” title has validation now! I love it!

    I miss you guys already! 😀

  17. Natally (natobat) says

    Oh man, I’m so happy that I went on this trip. One of the best times of my life, and the best 18th birthday anyone could ask for. So good!

  18. Starfish127 says

    Now that’s the kind of birthday present I’m talking about! Can’t wait till the podcast and to hear from everyone else! It sounds like you guys had SO MUCH FUN!!! And where can i get on of those Jacob T’s because i want one!

  19. Aeternus Sanguis aka Rachel says

    Oh man, oh man. Can I seriously say that this was *THE BEST* vacation/birthday of my entire life. I know I will remember this forever. I love all my girls and miss them tons!!

    Thanks eveyone for making this trip so incredibly wonderful!

  20. To build on what Rachel just said, I had a friggin’ awesome time. I already miss everyone soooo much!

    I’m already trying to find a way to meet up with people again. *schemes*

  21. girlwholovestwilight says

    I WANT MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!! please.

  22. *insert jealous/self-pity here* 🙁 part of me wishes i had gone…only to have met all of you from the lexicon and of course hear stephenie read from midnight sun *sighs heavily* though the other part of me was happy i stayed because of a boy who made me smile *giggles like a little girlie* sha, im jealous but somewhat content. i hope a similar one happens again here in my town of los angeles, ca. im still angry that i missed out on the borders in torrance, ca signing. UGH. that will be a huge regret for a long time. *cries*

    but to all of you who went: lucky lucky LUCKY!!!

  23. Honestly, best birthday weekend of my life. I’m already missing you girls. Hopefully I can see you all in May. *crosses fingers*

  24. Such a fun trip, though it would have been nice if someone had said something about the podcast earlier on Saturday night :/ But hey, if that’s my only complaint for the weekend then that’s not so bad afterall ♥



  26. O RLY BREE?

    Me too.

    It was amazing.

  27. I wish I could of been there. It looks like a load of fun. Whens the next time you might be coming to Tennesse? I would love to try and come.


  28. The people who went are so lucky! I wish I could have gone. But my parents on two accounts would haven’t let me gone because first of all they think I’m WAY to obbsessed with Stephanie’s books, and second of all, airfare from Hawaii to Nashville is a lot. That would have been so cool to be there.

  29. PLEASE tell me there is some way I can get one of these wonderful shirts! PLLLEEAAASEEE! I NEED a shirt lol 😉


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