Live Update of the MTV Movie Awards with Photos

The MTV Movie Awards not only gave out golden popcorn but sported some of the hottest trailers for summer and fall movies.  The Red Carpet was filled with Twilight stars! We even had the first look at the wedding invitation. Our very own Laura along with Kara from Twilighters’ Anonymous and Kallie from Twilight Series Theories where invited to take a look at the invitation and give their reaction!

You can also check out the secrets of the wedding invitation on


First of Award of the night to Rob Pattinson for Best Male Actor


Next up for the Twilight Cast Best Fight scene! Check out Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel, and Rob Pattinson as they accept their golden popcorn!

THE BEST KISS!!  You know you have been waiting for this all night and the will they or won’t they question was clearly answered when Rob dashed into the audience to make sure Taylor didn’t feel left out!!


Rob’s Mad dash to snog Taylor. I can see the Jakeward t-shirts already

Movie News



Next Rob was on stage with Chelsea Handler and Patrick Dempsey to present to an award to Reese Witherspoon. It looks like this year Peter won’r have to worry about being the Cullen who drops the F-Bomb!!


Best Actress goes to Kristen Stewart!!! She thanks the fans for all the support and says we’re the best! Team Twilight is killing it tonight.


Rob, Kristen and Taylor introducing THE SNEAK PEEK of the trailer! Don’t forget to send us your reactions!!


And the Best movie goes to…..Eclipse! A clean sweep for The Twilight Saga Eclipse!



  1. Did anyone else hear Kristen call Rob “HOney” when he went to kiss Taylor?

    • Yeah I did I thought that I was the only one.

      • Good eye,you guys. I guess I was so caught up in the moment of their win,I didn’t hear her say that. I’ll have to watch the show again today to catch it. Thanks! Cheers to Eclipse winning best male,female,kiss,fight and movie awards. Twilight fans rock!

  2. Thanks for the update, now I don’t have to set dvr to record.

    • Ha thought the same thing. Los Angeles is 3 hour lag, and even though everything is filmed here, we’re the last ones to see it. Now I can watch something worth while. I was rooting for Emma Stone.

  3. Loved the Trailer!

    Also if anyone watched the live stream directly from MTV’s website, did you notice all the behind the scene cameras they had set up? Right after Eclipse got the award for best movie the whole cast went back stage to pose for photos. Then we saw Rob/Kristen hold hands and hug each other (They are sweet together!), but I don’t think they knew they were still live on the camera.
    Anyway I love them All! And I can’t wait to see the movie!

  4. Did anyone notice any weirdness between Nikki and Kristen? They barely looked at one another not even a “hi”. At one point rob was looking at something and Nikkei gave a little wave and saw her say hi Rob but I don’t think he saw her. Don’t know y I noticed but I thot they were really close…

    • When Nikki was at the Nashville convention she talked about how life changes and so does who you’re close to as your priorities change when you grow and mature (paraphrasing here). She said it’s not that you don’t appreciate and care for those you used to be close to anymore, it’s just that your focus changes. She never specifically mentioned Kristen, but several of us thought that’s who Nikki was alluding to. She talked about going back to school and wanting to get into the writing/directing aspects of the business (as opposed to in front of the camera) and how she’s very close with Peter and Liz now and they’re encouraging her in these pursuits to better herself and her career and do what makes her happiest. She’s very sweet, kind and contentious. As much as I love Peter, I’m glad he asked Nikki to attend convention in his place when he couldn’t come cause she was awesome!

    • LoverofTwilight says

      Yes! I saw that too. On stage they were right next to each other, but not a word.

  5. What about Best Breakout Star? Did Xavier not win?

  6. blackbella says

    how bout kristin’s accpetance speech..can we say awwwkkkwwaarrdd…i pretty much had the same reaction as emma watson except i was cringing came out totally wrong and off putting…still love twilight

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      I liked Kristen’s acceptance speech! And I noticed that Emma Watson (also a pretty d*** good actress) kinda had the same look on her face most of the night … I wondered if she was thinking about the fleeting, fickle nature of popularity. Personally, I will be at opening night for both DH2 and BD1!

    • yea i think it was awkward, but the most awkward that night was Rob, lol wtf did they gave to him? but it was all fun , and i likr their awkardness is kind of unique

  7. I really loved Kristen’s dress! She looked awesome. Peter looked pretty spiffy too!

    • I loved Kristen’s dress too. I didn’t realize it was made out of safety pins until the close ups here on the lex.

  8. I loved that Rob and Kristen won for best kiss, and male and femal performers! Congrats to Rob for winning fight scene! Glad Eclipse won best Movie! Loved the BD trailer, i have seen it atleast 10 times already!! Waiting for Novemeber to get here fast!

  9. Gigi Cullen says

    Don’t have TV so I missed the whole thing, so THANKS for posting all the pics & the video as well. Looked like a fun night to watch. And I LOVE the trailer for the movie. I don’t want to wish time away but November 18th can’t come soon enough for me.

  10. Favourite super-awkward Rob line of the night? Mine’s a toss-up between “I ripped your head off… and now you’re pregnant!” and “I wanna take you backstage.”
    So so awkward. The best part is he doesn’t even care. And does anyone else wish the camera had a better angle for that kiss? :p

  11. I wish the night had been a clean sweep for Eclipse but Xavier Samuel didn’t win for Breakout Star. Not to be greedy or anything :-)!

  12. Charlotte says

    Can’t watch the video for the best kiss does anyone know a link for non-US? I’m in Ireland and haven’t got mtv either so I’m dying to watch it!!!

    LOVE the trailer I think it’s perfect and I’m so glad they didn’t show the dress I think it will make the actual film more exciting!!!

  13. CullenCoven says

    my fav Rob moment was well, there are two. One when he made out with Taylor, and two when Reese corrected his joke and the whole, “add lib” thing. I just love him.

  14. Last night was awesome! I loved all the Robsten & Taylor action. My favorite part was when Kristen said ‘uh, uh, uh’ and Rob said he wanted to take her backstage. The clip was AMAZING! I cannot wait. BD is my fave in the series. Also the difference between Peter Fac swearing last year and Rob this year is that they bleeped Rob after the word came out. It was entirely audible. I laughed so hard.

  15. Brittanylovestwilight says

    The entire show was just awkward. Harry Potter should have won more awards.

    • Yeah I agree, I don’t really take this award show seriously. Sorry I love Twilight and all, but Social Network was by far the best movie of the year.


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