Four Twilight Actresses Rock the Met Gala

The annual Met Gala has been dubbed by many as the Oscars of fashion. This year Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, and Maggie Grace were all there representing different designers. The theme this year was Savage Beauty. Click the photos for a full-sized version.

Maggie Grace, who plays Irina, proving you can look stunning in Top Shop dresses. Via Just Jared gallery Ashley Greene said she felt like a princess in Donna Karen via Just Jared gallery.

Kristen Stewart wowed in Proenza Schouler and Dakota Fanning looked awesome in Valentino.  Dakota Gallery and  Kristen gallery

So which was your favorite>


  1. My favorite had to be Ashley. She was a flawless beauty in that gown. Truly looked like a princess! Stunning!

  2. Donna gibson says:

    lovely…all of them

  3. I think they all look beautiful ! And Kristen is my favorite. She takes risks and she’s always herself and I love that.

  4. I think Kristen’s dress would of been better if they fitted it more. But I still love it !

  5. Cathie in Ut says:

    Ashley is just a classic beauty and that gown is breath-taking.
    I love that she went back to her dark hair once more it is so perfect on her.

  6. I think they all chose well. Each of them was simply gorgeous. I think Kristen is finally beginning to be comfortable on the red carpet, and she really rocked this event. Ashley as always was stunning and beautiful.

  7. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Everyone, every dress was beautiful. Ashley’s and Dakota’s are the most beautiful dresses, but I would much rather wear Irina’s or Kristen’s. KS’s is interesting, it gets better the more I look at it.

  8. Kristen’s was edgy as usual, she really likes that look on the red carpet. It suits her. Love her hair also. I vote Kristen as the best because it is very different. Ashley’s dress is safe. It is better than what she normally selects. Not liking Dakota’s choice, it’s reminding of a high school prom dress for some resaon. Plus the coloring is all wrong and her hair is a mess. Also not liking Maggies, especially with those shoes. There’s too much going on with the neckline, see through material,satin and busy shoes. Kristen all the way with the edgy look, color, hair abd bracelets.

  9. i’m most likely going to get slandered for this but.. I’m not a huge fan of Kristen’s dress. Loved the simplicity of Maggie’s , Ashley is always dressed beautifully and Dakotas was a fun look for her.

    • Totally agree. i thought Stewarts dress was ugly and didn’t really like Fanning’s dress either. the other two’s dresses were very pretty

  10. PamelaC says:

    Wow, I think all the actresses looked great! Dakota’s dress suited her, i.e. she dressed for her age, I think. Kristen has to be my absolute favorite though. I think the dress looked stunning on her & fit her body nicely. It also reflected her edginess, and I appreciate that she doesn’t try to deviate from who she really is.

    Thanks for posting the pictures Lexicon team! I can always count on you for the most up-to-date Twilight-related goodies!

  11. I love both Kristen and Dakota’s style in general. They are both so different yet so unique.

  12. Tara Pryde says:

    They all looked gorgeous. And Kristen picked a lovely gown and looks comfortable in it. Some of her past picks haven’t been even close to being in the league of this one!

  13. They all look lovely! Ashley always looks stunning! Wow that dress is amazing! Love her hair done off to the side too. Fits the dress so well! Kristen rocking the red is awesome, nice to see her have bracelets on! And her makeup is flawless as always. Maggie’s dress is black kinda simple but elegant in the details. I wish Dakota had put her hair up, it looks kind of plain with that dress gorgeous dress.

  14. vampbball says:

    DAKOTA! I would have loved to have been married in that dress.


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